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New glue machine is corrugated container department

Новая клееварка в цехе по производству гофрокартонаNew automatic glue machine WestRiver (Taiwan) was installed and started up in December this year in the department for production of corrugated board and corrugated container. New equipment was installed and was controlled by specialists of JSC “Proletariy” under the supervision of manufacturing company representatives of the unit. We asked Polozhentsev Evgeniy Yurievich the head of corrugated board and container department to tell about new equipment in detail.
- Mostly an old glue machine moral and physically was old. Besides, it was enough difficult to get glue with necessary stable values because of big influence on technological process with human factor. But new equipment operates in automatic mode, the task of operator is to provide continuous supply to the machine necessary ingredients. At the result parameters of glue became stable, it allowed to impove the quality of final product.

Новая клеевая установка в цехе по производству гофрокартонаWe were able to reduce energy consumption because of stable parameters of the glue in technological process. Quantity of used stomach was decreased approximately on 10%. Additional economy during operation of the unit appeared because of opportunity to use components packed in big container. Everything will influence on prime cost of product: corrugated board and container.   
Software installed on glue machine does not have analogues in the world and it is know-how of producing company. Supplier gives one year warranty for all equipment. After finishing this date the supplier will do service of the machine.
- Evgeniy Yurievich it was already mentioned information on our web-site that it is planned building of new department for production of corrugated board and container. What can you tell us about it?
- Plans were not changed. Now active discussing of the project is in the process and preparation of technical documents. So, the work is in the process.
- What would you like to wish on the Eve of New Year to the visitors of our site?
- I wish you would be able to show your brisk and determined character, fabulous flair, spacious intellect and sincere feelings. Let’s kind cock gives  your houses with prosperity, comfort and welfare!

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