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The consumption of paper and board packing is increasing

AF&PA опубликовала данные о производстве тары из картона в СШАInteresting values about consumption inside the country of paper and board packing published AF&PA - American forest and paper association. For the period from August 2016 to August 2017 America bought abroad 4% less paper for office equipment and writing. Domestic resources of this good also decreased on 3%.

At the same time the volume of the suppliers of packaging paper abroad decreased for the accounting period on 1,7%. But the quantity of produced box board inside the country increased: only for one August increasing was 2, 9%.
The volume of the industrial board produced from raw material is also increasing. Production of the coated box board in the annual quantities is increased. The volume of produced uncoated box board (craft paper) is also increased in comparison both with the same data for month and the data per year.
If we try to analyze the data, the decreasing the consumption of the country on the paper for office equipment is not a surprise. As usually the USA is the leader on the implementation of electronic document flow and the necessity in the copy paper is decreased. It is more interesting the increasing demand on board packaging and box board (from here we see increasing the domestic production of this product). It can be explained with the decreasing the production of the other kinds of packaging: it possible changing for packaging from the board which is more profitable; although AF&PA did not published this data. Maybe the demand on packaging from the board is because of increasing the industry inside the country or other factors. Anyway, at this moment America is the prospective consumer of this board. It was confirmed in the same document published by  AF&PA: for the last year the deliveries of only paper bags and packages to the country increased on 5,5%.  By the way, domestic resources of packaging paper in the country also decreased on 168,6 thous.ton for one month, it also says about increased demand on paper and board packaging.
In the future it is possible to foresee some increasing of the price of paper and board packaging at the world market because of the increased demand on this product.