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Cellulose film is in 30 times whiter than copy paper

Из волокон целлюлозы создана плёнка  белее офисной бумагиInternational group of scientists under the supervision of Silvia Vignolini created the film based on cellulose fibers which is 30 times whiter than the whitest paper.  
     Usually for reaching of necessary colour of paper or technical board during the production chemical composition of top layer try to choose in order it to absorb or reflect necessary profile. Mostly they get it using necessary colorants. 

    As it is known, there is not white colour in the nature which is only mixture of other colours from visible profile. And if there is a task to get namely white colour, so the alternative of traditional way may be not choosing the chemical composition of the material ( in our case – paper or technical board) but changing the structure of its surface. Very shortly this event can be explained as following: at the stage of production microroughness forms on the surface of material of definite shape and texture which diffuses the light in a particular way, at the result the surface of technical board and paper become white colour.
     This approach was used and earlier but he problem that it is impossible to foresee how some texture will influence at optical qualities of the material. The group of scientists from Finland and Great Britain decided to solve the problem from the other side. They found in the nature ready sample of such texture and copied it. The example was the beetle living in south-east Asia, it is known the fact that his surface of his wings bight white. The scientist explored the structure of chitinous fibers on the wings of the beetle and tried to copy it with the application of cellulose fibers.
  The attempt was successful; that film with the thickness 10 micron passes less 25% of visible spectrum, and with the thickness 150 micron reflects the light 30 times more than standard white paper. The qualities of received cellulose film connect with her anomalous dispersive capacity which can be varied in wide range.
    According to the assurance of the scientists technology receiving such film differs with simple and inexpensive price and cellulose is widely spread material. It means than in future we will see garish white paper and other material received without usage of additional colour pigments and bleachers.


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