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Today snowstorms will be on the whole territory with wind up to 13-18 meters per second.  Long snowfalls to Bryansk region will be brought with cyclone from south-west.  Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response in Bryansk region warns about breaking of cable lines. You should be careful with strong wind coming under the trees and advertising panels. It is recommended to avoid usage of transport. Utilities of Bryansk region work in high alert regime. However because of big amount of precipitation and bad visibility up to 20-50 meters expectation of accidents appears. Be careful!

Surazh news; our townsman is bronze winner of world championship

Новости Суража. И Г Ионенко – бронзовый чемпионMany centuries ago Alexander Peresvet is athlete, Bryansk monk of Trinity –Sergievskiy monastery won in Battle of Kulikovo of foreign soldier Churubei and made famous for many centuries our land. It was in XIII century; there are also and now athletes in Bryansk!
Great news for Surazh and its inhabitants: our townsman is bronze champion of the world of kettlebell lifting! It is pleasant twice that gold in this competition took the man from Russia! And another wonderful concordance: lately October 3 church celebrated Memory day of all Bryansk saints including Andrei Peresvet.

Orthodox Christians from Surazh celebrated the holiday of Kazan Holy mother icon

В Сураже отметили праздник иконы Казанской Божьей МатериNovember 4 our country celebrated two holidays at once. And the first holiday – National Unity Day everybody knows (this day in Russia is day off); but about the second holiday - icon of Kazan day of Holy mother a lot of people forget. Although it is one of the greatest holiday of Oriental Church. I would like to say with proud that in Surazh this holiday is remembered and worshiped in spite of any state and economic changes.  

Subsidies to the beginning businessmen

Новости Суража. Субсидии начинающим предпринимателям. Citizens of Surazh are not coddled with good news from which people get more positive; but this information will be interested to beginning businessmen and those who would like to explore new deal. According to the information from the news in 2016 The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in Russia under the support of small and medium-sized businesses and economic activity of the population gave free of charge 8 mln.rub. for subsidies in Bryansk region. The subsidies are aimed at the beginning businessmen of one-factory towns in Bryansk region.

Checking of emergency alarm system

 Проверка систем оповещения о ЧСOctober 20 of this year on the territory of Bryansk region (including Surazh) checking of emergency alarm system will be. Ministry of Emergency Situations of Bryansk region distributed the information that from 2.30 p.m. till 3.00 p.m. work of all electric alarms and other technical units of alarm system and central notification of inhabitants on the all territory of Bryansk region will be checked.

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Other news

Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения

Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения
В товарищеском матче футбольный клуб "Пролетарий" сразился с командой осуждённых Суражской колонии поселения....

Футбол на Брянщине запретят

Футбол на Брянщине запретят
В минувшую пятницу областная федерация футбола разместила на своем сайте информационное сообщение о прекращении проведения футбольных соревнований, как минимум до конца текущего года. Под запрет попали все внесенные...

Внимание - футбол 7 октября

Внимание - футбол 7 октября
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2017г. 28 ТУР 7 ОКТЯБРЯ (Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ) -      "АРСЕНАЛ-ДИНАМО" (БРЯНСК) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть", г. Сураж Начало игры: 14.00  
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