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Ceremony of Epiphany ablution

January 19 Christians all over the world will celebrate Epiphany. On the Eve of Theophany all people will be able to dive in laver. It will be organized more than six places. There will be emergency response group, police, doctors and representatives of administration. It will be equipped two places in Surazh district: in the town Sovetskaya street (near Russian sauna) and on the source named after  Blessed Trinity (near the village Staraya Kislovka).

Epidemy of flue in Bryansk region

Season of flue epidemy in Bryansk region began earlier than usually. In December number of sick people among adults and children epidemiologic level. Usually season of ARVI and flue in the region begin in March – February. It was declared quarantine in all hospitals before New Year. Among sick people 25 persons have diagnoses “hongkongese” or in a scientific flue H3N2.

We can proud it

18 years student of Surazh pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin got medal “For bravery during fire”. Person from the village Kulagi of Surazh district Denis Shevchenko did heroic breed – he saved the women during fire in the house.
The Head of Surazh fire-saving station lieutenant-colonel of internal service S.A. Podvoiskiy marked bravery of Denis, thanked him for heroic act.

Earlier than usually new symbol New Year’s tree was installed on the central square, it was grown in Kulagi. Man people have already decorated their windows, yards, shops with lights and snowflakes. Main town tree was also decorated. The best toys made by pupils and students were put on the tree. During New Year’s night it will be the main symbol on the party. And central square of Surazh will be decorated with lights.

Pre-New Year competition with the decoration of the buildings, houses, yards has already became the tradition in Surazh district. Every year on the eve of New Year holidays Surazh people will compete in decoration of the windows, shop-windows, balconies, trees and yards. Enterprises are also invited to take part in this competition.  January 20 committee will chose three best competitors which will be given presents and certificates of appreciation.
This time the competition will start December 26 and will last up to January 9, 2017.  We wish all participants inexhaustible fantasy, creative ideas and inspiration!

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Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения

Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения
В товарищеском матче футбольный клуб "Пролетарий" сразился с командой осуждённых Суражской колонии поселения....

Футбол на Брянщине запретят

Футбол на Брянщине запретят
В минувшую пятницу областная федерация футбола разместила на своем сайте информационное сообщение о прекращении проведения футбольных соревнований, как минимум до конца текущего года. Под запрет попали все внесенные...

Внимание - футбол 7 октября

Внимание - футбол 7 октября
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2017г. 28 ТУР 7 ОКТЯБРЯ (Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ) -      "АРСЕНАЛ-ДИНАМО" (БРЯНСК) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть", г. Сураж Начало игры: 14.00  

ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!

ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!
В минувшее воскресенье разгром карачевского Спутника Пролетарием на домашнем стадионе "Ипуть" сделал нашу команду досрочным...
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