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The winner of Surazh district competition The Teacher of the Year-2017

Победитель конкурса Учитель года г. Сураж English teacher of school №1 in Surazh Shlyk Natalia Mikhailovna is the winner of municipal step all-Russian competition “the Teacher of the Year-2017”, she became the participant of regional competition of profession skill.
Natalia Mikhailovna is the teacher of with a God-given talent, she found her true calling.
 «I ca not imagine my life without school, without children’s voice and without our quite Surazh”- Natalia Mikhailovna told.
When she finished 9 form at school, she entered pedagogical college (now it is Surazh pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin). After finishing college, she began to work at school №1 as English teacher. At the same time she studied at Bryansk Syate University named Petrovskiy.

Surazh claims for the title of partisan glory town

Surazh with other two villages of other districts of Bryansk region in 2017 claim for the title of “Partisan glory town”. Trubchevskiy and Navlinskiy districts also claim about giving to the villages Radutino and Saltanovka sonorous titles.

Surazh roads

Суражские дорогиWarm, early spring causing quickly melting of snow presented unpleasant surprise to Surazh owners of the cars. In February we could see the problems from the winter: holes, hollow spots and splits in road surface made difficult moving on the streets of Surazh. “Asphalt melt with the snow”, - Surazh people said.

Attention – the child needs a help!

Dear colleagues, partners, people of Surazh district!
Family of  Krasivins from Surazh needs a help!
The daughter of Ivan and Ludmila Nastya is ill. The  diagnosis is acute leukemia, she needs urgent medical treatment! We address to all unindifferent people, don’t stand aside!

Merry Maslenitsa festival in Surazh

Масленица в СуражеMaslenitsa week finished with mass celebrations on the central square of Surazh. Last Sunday Maslenitsa gathered in the center of the town representatives of different generations. Entertainment is the same for young people and old people.

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ЦСКА будет тренировать юных суражан

ЦСКА будет тренировать юных суражан
Воспитанникам Суражской ДЮСШ покажут мастер-классы тренеры академии профессионального футбола клуба ЦСКА. Такой шанс выпал...

Andrei Zyk – the best player of football club “Proletariy”

Andrei Zyk – the best player of football club “Proletariy”
Four members of football club “Proletariy” became the best players of the first division this year:
- Artur Garaev – the best midfielder;
- Ruslan Tishchenko – the best goal...

In the championship on hand-to-hand fighting in Asia the girl from our district won

In the championship on hand-to-hand fighting in Asia the girl from our district won
   Double World Champion on hand-to-hand fighting the girl from our district – Olga Kololyova (Bryaginya) got the gold again. This time in open championship of Asia on hand-to-hand fighting which...

The award found its heroes

The award found its heroes
On Friday November 24, the ceremony of awarding the 11 times champions on football of Bryansk region and the owners of the Cup this year football club “Proletariy”.
During the whole football season 2017 our team...
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