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Surazh hospital got new ambulance car

March 14 it was official ceremony in Bryansk of presenting the keys from new ambulance cars to the hospitals of the region. Surazh hospital was included in the list of hospitals which got a new car.
The head of administration Surazh district Rivanenko Vladimir Petrovich, the head doctor of Surazh hospital Teodorovich Dmitriy Nikolaevich and the drive of ambulance car Stankevich A.P. who got from the hands of the governor the keys from the car.

Elections 2018 in Surazh. Our future is in our hands!

Будущее зависит от нас! Выборы президента России. АО ПролетарийMarch 18, 2018 the elections of Russian President will be hold. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation with the way of equal and direct general ballot vote the head of the government will be chosen for 6 years.
In order the staff of JSC “Proletariy” living in Surazh and Surazh district who will work in the shift at this day has the opportunity to vote the management of the mill make some changes in the schedule of the shifts.

Together we managed with environment

On the weekends there was heavy snowfall in Bryansk region. In 17 regions of the region there were break of electrotransmission lines. Totally 136 places were without power.  The half pf Surazh district was without electric power and water.  For solving the problem with breaking of electric lines in Surazh district there were 18 people and 7 pieces of equipment from mobile team of distribution team. However the volume of the accident was so big that with own force they were not able to solve it. Mobile team of emergency services ministry joined to help.  The power was switched on in Surazh  to 11 p.m. February 4.

Sport and health complex in Surazh will appear this year

The governor of Bryansk region Aleander Bogomaz at the meeting with the representatives of business society declared that health and fitness complex in Surazh will be finished this year.
We remind you that the meeting was in December 2017, representatives of the government Bryansk region, managers of federal and regional authorities and the managers of the companies and enterprises took part in the meeting.
JSC “Proletariy” is regular participant of such meetings with governor where the issues of cooperation business and authority are discussed.

Ceremony of Epiphany ablution

January 19 Christians all over the world will celebrate Epiphany. On the Eve of Theophany all people will be able to dive in laver. It will be organized more than six places. There will be emergency response group, police, doctors and representatives of administration. It will be equipped two places in Surazh district: in the town Sovetskaya street (near Russian sauna) and on the source named after  Blessed Trinity (near the village Staraya Kislovka).

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Страсти по футболу или за что судье сломали челюсть

Страсти по футболу или за что судье сломали челюсть
На сегодняшний день в 1-ой лиги Чемпионата Брянской области по мини-футболу команда «Пролетарий» занимает третью строку турнирной таблицы. В семи из десяти проведенных матчей суражане одержали победу, набрав 21 очко....

Названы лучшие игроки и тренеры областного Чемпионата по футболу 2018г.

Названы лучшие игроки и тренеры областного Чемпионата по футболу 2018г.
Брянское футбольное сообщество определило лучших игроков и тренеров областного Чемпионата по итогам...

Первые победы ФК "Пролетарий" в Кубке Брянской области по мини-футболу

Первые победы ФК "Пролетарий" в Кубке Брянской области по мини-футболу
Футбольный клуб Пролетарий успешно стартовал в новом сезоне Кубка Брянской области по мини-футболу 2018-2019. Первые игры прошли в...

Golden double of Surazhskiy “Proletariy”

Golden double of Surazhskiy “Proletariy”
Yesterday on the stadium Nerussa in Trubchevsk in play-off for the Football Cup of Bryansk region the team “Proletariy” with the score...

Attantion- the gootball - 14 October 2018

Attantion- the gootball - 14 October  2018
Football Championship of Bryansk region 2018 29 tour October 14  (Sunday) "PROLETARIY" (SURAZH) -      "BEZHITSA" (BRYANSK) 1st devision Stadium “Iput”, Surazh Beginning at: 1:00 p.m.
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