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Youth of Bryank region

This year many people gathered on annual festival of pioneer organization “Youth of Bryansk region”. Representatives were presented from 19 country and town schools. In general there are 1400 people.
To congratulate pupils came people who whom this date is not only the symbol but part of their life: administration head of Surazh district  V.P. Rivanenko, head of ROO L.E.Gigalova, veteran chairman of armed forces, veteran of pioneer organization A.P. Mehedov and others.  Pupils put the flowers to eternal light on Heroes Alea where this holiday took place, minute of silence honoured memory of died Surazh people during Great Patriotic War. 

June 1 – Children’s Day

Traditionally in Russia summer begins from international Children’s Day June 1. History of this day came from 1949 when in women’s congress in Paris discussed the question about defense of all widowed children and next year 1950 June,1  holiday was celebrated devoted to this issue.  Many countries followed this tradition and since international Children’s day is celebrated in all Europe counties, Asia and others.

Happy trails graduates!

«Today last bell sound in the 70 year of Great Victory in Great Patriotic War! Try to be deserve those who gave the life for our future, for peaceful sky over our heads! Bring memory about great act of our ancestries in our heats! Appreciate your teachers and remember about your parents who are glad to your success and achievements. Good luck! Health, success and inspiration to you! These words of temporary acting of Bryans region governor A.V.Bogomaz sounded today on all celebratory assembly devoted to the finishing of school year.

Repairing of the stadium “Iput”

To the opening of football season constructors have already changed brick wall, repaired and painted the bleachers and new fence was installed around the stadium. Dry trees were cut. It is planned to repair playing room and judge room and buying of new sound system.
We remember that according to  the agreement  concluded between management of ZAO “Proletariy” and administrative authority of Surazh district, authority is responsible for    repairing  of sport object  and factory is responsible to make investments to football team “Proletariy”.


April 30, 2015 on the initiative of main branch of Ministry of Emergency Situations it will be All-Russian Event “Clear Cost”. We invite all wishers to take part in the cleaning of costs the river Iput.  According to this event it will be cleaning of the costs of the river, coasts and other places of rest of people on the river from the rubbish. Sanitary order will be on the coasts in order to engrain the people careful attitude to nature.

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Страсти по футболу или за что судье сломали челюсть

Страсти по футболу или за что судье сломали челюсть
На сегодняшний день в 1-ой лиги Чемпионата Брянской области по мини-футболу команда «Пролетарий» занимает третью строку турнирной таблицы. В семи из десяти проведенных матчей суражане одержали победу, набрав 21 очко....

Названы лучшие игроки и тренеры областного Чемпионата по футболу 2018г.

Названы лучшие игроки и тренеры областного Чемпионата по футболу 2018г.
Брянское футбольное сообщество определило лучших игроков и тренеров областного Чемпионата по итогам...

Первые победы ФК "Пролетарий" в Кубке Брянской области по мини-футболу

Первые победы ФК "Пролетарий" в Кубке Брянской области по мини-футболу
Футбольный клуб Пролетарий успешно стартовал в новом сезоне Кубка Брянской области по мини-футболу 2018-2019. Первые игры прошли в...

Golden double of Surazhskiy “Proletariy”

Golden double of Surazhskiy “Proletariy”
Yesterday on the stadium Nerussa in Trubchevsk in play-off for the Football Cup of Bryansk region the team “Proletariy” with the score...

Attantion- the gootball - 14 October 2018

Attantion- the gootball - 14 October  2018
Football Championship of Bryansk region 2018 29 tour October 14  (Sunday) "PROLETARIY" (SURAZH) -      "BEZHITSA" (BRYANSK) 1st devision Stadium “Iput”, Surazh Beginning at: 1:00 p.m.
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