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18 years student of Surazh pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin got medal “For bravery during fire”. Person from the village Kulagi of Surazh district Denis Shevchenko did heroic breed – he saved the women during fire in the house.
The Head of Surazh fire-saving station lieutenant-colonel of internal service S.A. Podvoiskiy marked bravery of Denis, thanked him for heroic act.

Earlier than usually new symbol New Year’s tree was installed on the central square, it was grown in Kulagi. Man people have already decorated their windows, yards, shops with lights and snowflakes. Main town tree was also decorated. The best toys made by pupils and students were put on the tree. During New Year’s night it will be the main symbol on the party. And central square of Surazh will be decorated with lights.

Pre-New Year competition with the decoration of the buildings, houses, yards has already became the tradition in Surazh district. Every year on the eve of New Year holidays Surazh people will compete in decoration of the windows, shop-windows, balconies, trees and yards. Enterprises are also invited to take part in this competition.  January 20 committee will chose three best competitors which will be given presents and certificates of appreciation.
This time the competition will start December 26 and will last up to January 9, 2017.  We wish all participants inexhaustible fantasy, creative ideas and inspiration!

Today snowstorms will be on the whole territory with wind up to 13-18 meters per second.  Long snowfalls to Bryansk region will be brought with cyclone from south-west.  Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response in Bryansk region warns about breaking of cable lines. You should be careful with strong wind coming under the trees and advertising panels. It is recommended to avoid usage of transport. Utilities of Bryansk region work in high alert regime. However because of big amount of precipitation and bad visibility up to 20-50 meters expectation of accidents appears. Be careful!

Surazh news; our townsman is bronze winner of world championship

Новости Суража. И Г Ионенко – бронзовый чемпионMany centuries ago Alexander Peresvet is athlete, Bryansk monk of Trinity –Sergievskiy monastery won in Battle of Kulikovo of foreign soldier Churubei and made famous for many centuries our land. It was in XIII century; there are also and now athletes in Bryansk!
Great news for Surazh and its inhabitants: our townsman is bronze champion of the world of kettlebell lifting! It is pleasant twice that gold in this competition took the man from Russia! And another wonderful concordance: lately October 3 church celebrated Memory day of all Bryansk saints including Andrei Peresvet.

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Football club "Proletariy"


"Пролетарий" - "УчХоз" 0:2
"Пролетарий" - "Медведь" 2:0
"Пролетарий" - "Спутник"1:2
"Пролетарий" - "Мебельщик"5:1
"Пролетарий" - "Спарта"1:0
"Пролетарий" - "Зенит"1:3

Upcoming matches

"Пролетарий" - "Глинищево"-:-
"Пролетарий" - "Клинцы"-:-

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Внимание - футбол 12 мая 2018г

Внимание - футбол 12 мая 2018г
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2018г. 4 ТУР 12 МАЯ(Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ)-      "МЕБЕЛЬЩИК" (ДЯТЬКОВО) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть", г. Сураж Начало игры: 18.00  

Внимание - футбол 5 мая 2018г

Внимание - футбол 5 мая 2018г
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2018г. 3 ТУР 05 МАЯ(Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ)-      "СПУТНИК" (КАРАЧЕВ) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть", г. Сураж Начало игры: 18.00  

Attention – beginning of big football season!

Attention – beginning of big football season!
It is known the place of the match for Football community shield in Bryansk region. Football club “Proletariy” will go to Kletnya April 21 where it will play for Regional Football community shield with the team from Kokino with new name “YchHoz-Partizan” at the stadium Avangard. The beginning of the match is at 2:00 p.m.

New season of big football starts with the match of Proletariy with Ychkhoz

New season of big football starts with the match of Proletariy with Ychkhoz
New season of big football in Bryansk region will start April 21. According to the tradition the first match will be the match for community shield where our football club “Proletariy” will play with “YchKhoz” from Kokino. Under the lot drawing in the first rour of regional football championship the competitor of our team will be Ychkhoz (Kokino).
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