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Help to save school in Surazh district!

Almost 127 000 people signed petition for protection the school in the village Glukhovka of Surazh district. Fighting for the school has already been continuing for one year and half. Administration of Surazh district in February decided to close the school in Glukhovka where 0 children from Glukhovo, Evseevskiy and farmstead Kolesnikov study. There is only one bus in administration with 11 places for arriving the children to school. As experts noted in this situation pupils will have to wait for some hour for the bus, it can have negative influence on the health of the pupils and their marks at school.

The support of small business in surazh district

Echo of the war

Surazh district was released from Nazi occupants in September 1943. However echo of the war does not stop till now.  
On the site of battles in the forest and fields of the district every year local people find explosive object of time The Great Patriotic War. Special hazard is blind shell which lied in the ground for 73 years.
So June 8 it was the signal in main branch Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia of Bryansk region that in field near the village Lyalici of Surazh district suspicious package was found. Group of GKU “Bryansk arrived at this place fire life-saving center”. Thanks to the action of savers at 1:50 p.m. was taken and defused artillery shell 76 mm.

Renovation of the dike in Lyalichi

It was begun the renovation of popular lake in Lyalichi. The work is done by OOO “ALTA-STORY 7”. This lake is a part of architectural complex which today is the monument of history and culture of federal meaning. It was park with English garden and three lakes with wonderful islands in country estate Lyalichi in XVIII century on the project of famous Italian architect Gakomo Kvarengi.

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Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения

Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения
В товарищеском матче футбольный клуб "Пролетарий" сразился с командой осуждённых Суражской колонии поселения....

Футбол на Брянщине запретят

Футбол на Брянщине запретят
В минувшую пятницу областная федерация футбола разместила на своем сайте информационное сообщение о прекращении проведения футбольных соревнований, как минимум до конца текущего года. Под запрет попали все внесенные...

Внимание - футбол 7 октября

Внимание - футбол 7 октября
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2017г. 28 ТУР 7 ОКТЯБРЯ (Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ) -      "АРСЕНАЛ-ДИНАМО" (БРЯНСК) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть", г. Сураж Начало игры: 14.00  

ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!

ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!
В минувшее воскресенье разгром карачевского Спутника Пролетарием на домашнем стадионе "Ипуть" сделал нашу команду досрочным...
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