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The second line for production of corrugated board in Penza was started-up

The second line for corrugated board production officially was started-up in Penza June 21. Now it was promised to provide the whole region its own board packing. Now line of corrugate board production it is the biggest in the region. It is produced good quality board on the mill, then boxes is done from this board, cases, inserts and other packing. Z-board so called “continuous” is popular among leading manufactures of furniture. Per year the company produces more 1,2 mln m2 of production. It was bought equipment from Taiwan for glue preparation which cooks glue able to connect different king of board from waste paper to cellulose. In future it is planned on the mill to buy new lines for processing in order to go on new level for quality and capacity. As a result 200 people will get a job. Especially the mill is proud of new lab.

"We control the quality of raw material especially paper for corrugating and test liner. We check its for moisture, stock and burst. Also we control quality of produced board – corrugated production”- technical director ZAO “Dekor-Trade” Sergei Pivnenko noticed.
Sales market is the central part of Russia. However in the plan cooperation the limits are already widened. The mil already works for two years with big Chinese company. Under the investment project it will be installed and started-up on the mill line for production three layers and five layers corrugated board with size 2200 mm.
"We will plan to the end of this year to reach 3 mln. m2, and in a year – on 7 mln. m2. If we will speak about money it is about 1,5 mld.rub.per year. It means it is serious volume. At this moment there is a lot imported waste paper from Arkhangelsk, from Naberezhnye Chelny in Penzenskaya region. Our project it is import substitution”, - executive director of ZAO “Dekor-Trade” Evgeniy Gaiduchenko noticed.
Also in the plan the start –up some automatic line for processing of corrugated board and production of corrugated container of any complexity with three- colored printing. Ivan Belozertsev told governor about future ambitious plans. We want to develop may be to buy other line”, the head of the region noticed.
Long-standing friendship and partnership connects Penzenskaya region and China. The region was chosen for big investment projects not occasionally.   
"With the support of the government we plan to get a big loan from Chinese bank. We will invest in our region”, said deputy of general director of the company "Hubei Jingshan Light Industrial Machinery" in China Alexander Yuan.
Further perspectives of the cooperation the head of region and Chinese partners were discussed on business meeting. The other mill in Penza develops successfully which included into big building corporation. Here from waste wood and cement mixture is made arbolit blocks – not expensive high effective heat insulating building material. It is produced 10 m3 per one shift or 280 blocks. Technology is not new but it was finished in Penza.
"Everything was done by us because costs for cement did not correspond to us. We did a lot of tests in the lab, did a lot of samples, choose ration composition. We use it”, explain chief technologist OOO “Penzenskaya construction management” Vladimir Budnikov.
As for investment projects it plans building the mill for production lime carbonate with capacity 100 000 ton per year in Nikolskiy district.
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