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The results of planned shut - down OAO “Volga”

Annual planned shut-down of OAO “Volga” which is an integral part of mill production finished May 6. Equipment of the mill was started-up according to confirmed schedule.
Before the workers of OAO “Volga” was serious task – to do big volume of the work in a short period connected with all engineer systems and main technological equipment of the mill. And they did this task well. 
According to the planned shut-down the staff of department №3 , energy department, electrical department and other departments of OAO “Volga” did a big volume of the work for inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment including generator units and high voltage cable. Especially with the support of electric department it was done the repair of electrical equipment of the station “Nakat”, specialists of electrical department did the trial of protection relay, and the staff of energy department did the inspection of compressor department and pump stations.

Literate planning and concerted effort the staff of OAO “Volga” and sub-suppliers helped to do the work in a short period.
"During the repair work on paper machine №8 it was done changing forming and couch roll and also central suction roll and colander battery”, deputy head of paper department №3 , main technologist Grigoriy Alyaev. Besides new former fabric and felt of press №2 and №4 were installed, idle gear №20 and № 66 were changed in dryer section. Mechanic of the department Yuriy Kochenkov controlled all mechanical work. 
Already May 5 paper machine №8 was started-up ahead of schedule. 
The staff of process control department did all planned work for improving of control quality system of paper machine №8 in paper department №3, also control system and Damatic system, it will allow to count on stable work of the equipment during the whole year and also on improving the quality of final product.  
In the department of bark utilization sludge of boiler department was done during long period. It was done because of technological necessity: firstly during two days the boiler should be cooled and then after repair work it is necessary drying – not less than two days. 
Remedial work of refractory lining was done by the specialists of company from Nizhniy Novgorod ООО "Veld-Story NN" under the supervision of the director Alexander Zhuravlev.  .
For the erection work of refractory lining of boiler it was necessary the participation of the specialist of American company Wellons – chief engineer of Russian representative office Arkadiy Lublin.
"This work is difficult, during the repair work expensive import material was used, it is used in Russia very seldom”- head of the department Andrei Golandskiy told explaining necessity of inviting the specialists of foreign company.
Big volume of the work did the specialists with their own forces. Energy department did one of the most important work of the shut-down – the repair of electrostatic precipitator, that is to say -  filter of purification of atmospheric discharge.
Besides this it was done the repair of impeller of smoke exhauster, bearings, gear units and coupling, screw of fuel bunker and the device of bark press.
"It is not possible to do the work very slowly on such big plant because at the same time with “Volga” big work on municipal facilities was done in Balahna. For this work it is necessary to switch off  water that is why if you need more time for the work , people from the city will stay without running cold and hot water longer. “So this year  we did everything in time”, - told deputy of general director for production Andrei Gurilev.
Running cold and hot water appeared in the houses of people according to the schedule May 5.
Start-up of all production equipment of OAO “Volga” was May 6 in accordance with the schedule. 
Press-service of ОАО "Volga"


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