Surazhskie "Moscow" and "Berlin"

President library named Eltsina began to change in electronic format photo and video materials about guerrilla movement in Bryansk region.  The first were taken about 1000 units of unequally material about people’s avengers from collection of Surazh branch of Bryansk state local history museum. Among invaluable material was unequally film of Tatiana Diankova winner of international film festival in Sevastopol "Moscow-Berlin" – documentary film about life of two Surazh villages during occupation. Really it is a fil about two villages – Vasilevka and Vyukovo which people called "Moskva" and "Berlin" during the war. It is possible to watch this film on site of President Library.

Every plot from the documents from Surazh it is amazing texture which brings us in "forties, fatal …".  For example, false leather cover of the novel D. Didro "Nephew Ramo", inside written diary of participant guerrilla movement Evgeniy Ivanovich Sementsov which wrote it in 1942-1943. The author described life of guerrilla, heavy work in the fighting for survival deep in enemy territory and fearless outfall on military mission.


Погода в Сураже