Surazh roads

Суражские дорогиWarm, early spring causing quickly melting of snow presented unpleasant surprise to Surazh owners of the cars. In February we could see the problems from the winter: holes, hollow spots and splits in road surface made difficult moving on the streets of Surazh. “Asphalt melt with the snow”, - Surazh people said.

Because of difference temperature and early beginning of patch work this year, road builders had to learn new technology: after preliminary cleaning from the dirty the holes are filled with cold asphalt. Further asphalt is heated and sealed with heating lamp. So, repair work can be done with the temperature up to -5С. The biggest holes on the road were filled with the method of cold asphalt on the roads on the streets Vokzalnaya, Mglinskaya and Krasnoarmeiskaya. Before it road concrete mix was delivered to Surazh from Pochep. However, many other streets also need the repair. In the second part of March it is expected to start Surazh Asphalt mill. After it road maintenance and construction department promises to start planned repair of all road surface in Surazh district.


Погода в Сураже