Surazh claims for the title of partisan glory town

Surazh with other two villages of other districts of Bryansk region in 2017 claim for the title of “Partisan glory town”. Trubchevskiy and Navlinskiy districts also claim about giving to the villages Radutino and Saltanovka sonorous titles.

The representatives of the administration authority reported about memorials, about the war with fascists, about organization of exploration works and military hall of fame.
This tittle will allow the districts to get subsidies from the budget for social and economic development. Further these claims are given for inspection to Regional Duma. The title “partisan glory town/village” is given in Bryansk region from 2011. Now 11 towns have got this tittle. We remind you that Surazh claims tis title not the first time.


Погода в Сураже