Surazh news; our townsman is bronze winner of world championship

Новости Суража. И Г Ионенко – бронзовый чемпионMany centuries ago Alexander Peresvet is athlete, Bryansk monk of Trinity –Sergievskiy monastery won in Battle of Kulikovo of foreign soldier Churubei and made famous for many centuries our land. It was in XIII century; there are also and now athletes in Bryansk!
Great news for Surazh and its inhabitants: our townsman is bronze champion of the world of kettlebell lifting! It is pleasant twice that gold in this competition took the man from Russia! And another wonderful concordance: lately October 3 church celebrated Memory day of all Bryansk saints including Andrei Peresvet.

С Бестужев – чемпион мира 2016 по гиревому спорту There was world championship of the planet among veterans and among  juniors on kettlebell sport October 26-30, 2016 in the town Aktobe (republic of Kazakhstan) in the gym “Konys”. Organizer of the competition is international union of kettlebell sport (MSGS), main judge of the competition was K. Bytyrbaev (republic of Kazakhstan).
In addition to that news in the ness of Surazh we add there were more 500 participants from all over the world on the championship; existing champion in Russian on kettlebell sport Sergei Bestuzhev was in our team. In his favorite discipline “Pushing on long cycle” he did 98 lifting of  two kettle balls with weight 24 kg every one, today it is absolute record.
As it was said before our townsman, successor of Alexander Peresvet Ivan Grigorievich Ionenko took part in this competition. I weigh category more 90 kg he became bronze winner of the championship!
In the news of Surazh it was already mentioned that winner was congratulated by head of Surazh district V.Zuzko and by the head of district administration VНовости Суража И Ионенко принимает поздравления глав администрации.Rivanenko. We join the congratulations and wish luck in future competitions: Surazh athlete will need it in 02017 in superiority of Russia which will be in Kirov and also on the next championship planet, it is planned also in 2017 in South Korea.
Photo material were taken from open sources.


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