Subsidies to the beginning businessmen

Новости Суража. Субсидии начинающим предпринимателям. Citizens of Surazh are not coddled with good news from which people get more positive; but this information will be interested to beginning businessmen and those who would like to explore new deal. According to the information from the news in 2016 The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in Russia under the support of small and medium-sized businesses and economic activity of the population gave free of charge 8 mln.rub. for subsidies in Bryansk region. The subsidies are aimed at the beginning businessmen of one-factory towns in Bryansk region.

Under the results of competitive selection mentioned sum will be divided among Surahskiy, Klintsovskiy and Pogarskiy municipalities. As it was already mentioned in Surazh news administration will choose who from the businessman taking part in this investment project will get gratuitous financial support for opening of own business. During consideration of applications businessmen whose business plan will be more prospective, who plans to work in new spheres which are not develop in the region now will have the advantages. For Surazh people this news is interested that in our small town popular and developed only some spheres; almost any sphere will be new for the town. For example of the beginning beekeepers and master who manufactures arbors and shod furniture have already got state support.

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