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Demand on newsprint paper in Europe decreased

В странах Европы падает спрос на газетную бумагу According to the data published by producers associations of polygraphic (newsprint) paper “Euro Graph” (European Association of Graphic Paper) demand on newsprint in Europe decreased again. In April this year decreasing in percentage is 8, 8% or in absolute calculus – 491 thous.ton. This tendency keeps from the beginning of this year: in March with the same production of newsprint paper the demand on it decreased on 4,2 %; in February on 8,4%; in January on 4,1%.

It is interesting at the beginning of this year it was high increasing demand on glazed magazine paper: in percentage it was 11,7%. This tendency allows considering that people of European countries became to read less and the demand on magazine paper increases because of the development of advertisement industry (booklets, advertising blotters and others). Production capacity of newsprint paper in Europe because of the export is on the same level, but manufacturers are thinking about changing the sphere of production capacity.

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