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Football Championship of Bryansk region 2017

4 tour
May 17  (Wednesday




1st devision
Stadium “Iput”, Surazh
Beginning at: 6:30 p.m.

8:0 in favor of Surazh

The match Proletariy – Glinishchevo finished with score 8:0. In spite of cold weather and the rain which was before the fans came to the stadium “Iput” (Surazh) to support football club “Proletariy” , the were presented a  good game.


Opening of football season and the first victory of Proletariy

Opening of football season and the first victory of Proletariy
The match of the first tour of Region football championship the team “Proletariy” had at home. Football season was opened May 6 at 5:00 p.m. on the stadium “Iput”. The first competitor of Proletariy was football club “Medved”. Surazh team won with the score 4:0.
We thank the team and trainers for beautiful game! We wish to the team success in other games!

Green light to Bryansk football

Moscow recognized about scandal concerned the opening of football season in Bryansk region. When the match for the super cup was cancelled and the letter of the president of Bryansk region football federation to the regional manager of sport Valeriy Korneev did not give any results, Andrei Artemiev called to the managers of RFU and told the problem about certificates of sport constructions in Bryansk region. Next day the meeting of the president Bryansk region football federation with General Director of RFU Mr. Alaev in Moscow was appointed.

Police can cancel football championship in Bryansk region

Super cup on football which must be in Novozykov moved on indefinite period because of letter of administration of Novozybkov. To the address of the president BRFF it was sent notification about impossibility having the competitions on the town stadium because it is not added in all Russian register of sport places and it is not according to the standards.

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