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24 Ноября в ДК АО "Пролетарий" состоится
посвященный церемонии награждения
11-кратных чемпионов Брянской области

  футбольной команды "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" 

Начало в 18:00

Football Championship of Bryansk region 2017

30 tour
OCTOBER 21  (Saturday)




1st devision
Stadium "Solnechnyi", Klintsy
Beginning: 2.00 p.m

Control game in Surazh penal colony settlement

Товарищеский матч в колонииFootball club “Proletariy” in control game fought with the team of convicted in Surazh colony settlement. 300 fans, men and women served a sentence in colony settlement №3 supported the team.
Proletariy scored the goal first – Ruslan Tishchenko scored the goal on the 10 minute.  However, convicted Andrei S. scored the goal to the gate of “Proletariy”.

Football will be prohibited in Bryansk region

Last Friday region football federation put the advertisement on their web-site information message about stopping football competitions minimum till the end of this year. All regional events from the schedule were prohibited. These measures are because of the claims from police based on federal law about sport, almost all sport grounds its requirements do not answer the requirements. In case of continuing the owners of the sport grounds and directors of football clubs will get the penalties.

Football Championship of Bryansk region 2017

28 tour
October 7 (Saturday)




1st devision
Stadium “Iput”, Surazh
Beginning at: 2:00 p.m.

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