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Powerlifting champion became man from Surazh

Суражанин Николай Бурдаков - чемпион по пауэрлифтингуThere was opened command and personal championship of Moscow region on powerlifting “PRODVIGZHENIE 2016” October 8, 9 in Moscow and man from Surah Nikolay Burdakov took part there.
In weigh category till 100 kg “WPC draft stanovy without equipment” Nikolay showed the best result, he rose bar with weight 290 kg. He got the nomination master of sport. His result he got thank to  will power, hours-long trainings and aspiration to an effective objective

“Proletariy” (Surazh) – “Zarya” (Starodub) 3-3

There was last match of this season October 1 on Surazh stadium Iput. Our competitor was football club “Zarya” (Starodub).
Fans got satisfaction from wonderful game of both teams but in spite on all efforts of “Proletariy” the match finished with the score 3-3.

Attention football!

Football championship 2016

Bryansk region.

26 tour
September 20 (Tuesday)



 "MEBELSHCHIK" (Dyadkovo)

1st devision
Stadium "Iput", Surazh
Beginning: 6:00 p.m.

Proletariy-Glinishchevo 4:0

Today September 10, 2016 football club “Proletariy” (Surazh) took guests on the stadium – football club “Glinishchevo”.
Authors of the scores were players from “Proletariy”. The score was 4:0 in our favor. Rough game led to the warning on 57 minute Loktikov Yevgeniy ( yellow card for the breal of perspective attack).

Novozybkov-Proletariy 2:2

August 31 according to football championship Bryansk region (first division) football club
“Novozybkov” took at their stadium “Proletariy” from Surazh which is on the fourth lone of tour table.
In the first part Surazh team won with the score 2:0. On 37 and 55 minutes Panchuk Andrei scored the goal.

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