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According to the decision of United Nations Organization 10 December is world football day, so international society pays a tribute to this kind of sport which is for millions of people not only a game, it is life style. More than 120 million professional gamers played this game all over the world and a lot of amateurs played on beach, streets and squares. Football is the game number one according number of players.

Indoor soccer. Results of the matches with participation of football club “Proletariy”

On Saturday December 3 was under region championship on indoor soccer. Football club “Proletariy” met with the team “UchHozKokino”.
Goals: Vladimir Bondarenko, 37 minute/ from penalty/- A. Kenzir, 40 minute.
Andrei Zyk from the team “Proletariy” on 24th minute unfortunately did not goal ( goal-keeper Andrei Baranov).
Pullbacks: 6-6.
Warnings: N. Zaporozhskiy (14 minute, unsporting behavior) - Е. Afanasenkov (24 minute, unsporting behavior), Andrei Baranov (37 minute, unsporting behavior).

Coacher of football club “Proletariy” about the result of the season and plans for the next year

ренер ФК Пролетарий -Олег КиселевCoacher of football club “Proletariy” about the result of the season and plans for the next year
- We took the fourth place in the Championship of the region. The first time we are not even in winners. There are also falling in football, it is not possible to stay undisputed leader. Bright example of this world popular football teams – “Real”, “Barselona” which were the first and looser. This year football club “Proletariy” was left by N.Tishin, and M.Isakov. We would like to take new players but we did not find. We had to finish with those we have. Midfielder Andrei Zyk came back to the team. We took Midfielder Alexei Nikitin from “Partizan” and fullback Valeriy Gridin from “Dinamo”. We need to look for the players and to find young players.

About the development os sport in Surazh district

футбольная секция суражской ДЮСШDirector of Surazh children sport school Ruslan Vasilievich Tishchenko told correspondents what changes happened in sport school this year, he shared success of his pupils and also he touched the topic small financing of sport activity in the district.
-  This year we have better conditions. We have at our disposal sport gym of pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin where we can have our training of football section. We also have additional room for judo which was given to us by the director of pedagogical college Inna Alexeevna Shpakova. Before we had to train in the gym of police, but were often our trainings were postponed. But in this room pupils can train from morning till evening. So the moving in sport gym of pedagogical college it is a big plus for sport school.

Season of Bryansk indoor football 2016-2017 began

At last weekend season Bryansk indoor football 2016-2017 began. These days in sport gyms of Bryansk and Kokino were matches of opening cup of Bryansk region on indoor football among men LMFC, 1st division.
There was a match 1/8 of final in the gym of “BGAY” November 13 where football club “Proletariy” met with football club “Krestonostsy” from Bryansk.
The first game of the season brought the first victory to our team and provided it getting into ? final. The result is 4-2 to the favor of Proletariy.

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