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Training of the specialists JSC “Proletariy” in Germany

The team which will do the start-up of new corrugated machine is organizing. The specialists will have testing not only for start-up of the machine but also for the operation there. The head of the department Evgeniy Polozhentsev told about the preparation of the specialists for new corrugated machine.
- I remind you that there were courses at “Proletariy” for training of the specialists for operation at new corrugated machine. It was theory. After it we chose the group of operators and sent them to Germany for training.

Specialists were chosen taking into account that they will do the commissioning later during the start-up of new production together with the engineers of the company “BHS”. Six persons went to Germany: 6 operators, shifter and me. We should get acquainted with corrugated machine, to see it in operation at the base of manufactures of the equipment. The training was on site of “BHS”. They have separate training center where the courses are not only for purchasers but also for their engineers from different branch offices. For example, parallel to us specialists from American branch office of the company had training.
Besides training in the main center we visited subdivision of “BHS” in the town Tachov (Czech Republic) where some parts of our corrugated machine were manufactured. We also visited one of the most advanced factories in Europe where we saw the same equipment as ours in operation. Our specialists could see those units and mechanism of the machine which they discussed at the theory part at the mill. This is a great step forward. All operators who had training in Germany and those who got knowledge at our mill will pass the exams. I consider that every operator must try to work at new corrugated machine. The pest specialists will stay to work at modern equipment. The old machine will be stopped.
Operator of corrugated machine Pavel Kachur is one of the specialists who visited Germany. Pavel told his impressions about educational courses. Kachur is working at the mill for only three years. In 2014 he came to Russia from the Ukraine. Some months ago he began to study new equipment at the courses at the mill.   
- The courses were hold by the deputy head of corrugated department Alexei Smaliy. He prepared for us training material and one per week he had training with every team, showed slides, technical documents. We studied main units of technological line, its technological data. The training lasted for two months.
- Pavel, you were chosen for the trip to Germany. Tell us how was the training going on?
- The representative of the company «BHS» discussed with us every unit of the machine more detail. We had the purpose to understand the technology of the production at new corrugated machine. The training in Germany was very efficient.  We studied for 8-9 hours every day. At the plant in Czech Republic we saw modules, units of our corrugated machine. We saw how they are assembled and prepared to the work. It was interesting and useful. You can see the equipment fully – every nut, every sensor. It gives the opportunity to understand the arrangement of parts, their strategy of operation, and their goal.
- You visited operating mill where the same corrugated machine is installed.
- At the plant «Trikor» in Bavaria, we got acquainted with all technological chain of production, we saw the way to the work at the staff, culture of production. It is on very high level.
After all learning excursions we continued to study the theory on the center “BHS”. We had trainings at special training equipment where we could make the real process of corrugated machine operation. We put special parameters. At the result of preparation we could understand how to realize purposes put by management for produce of quality production at new corrugated machine.   
- How did you choose main purposes of operation at new corrugated machine?
- Everybody have to change the approach to work. We will produce the production at the equipment of new generation. We need to review the issues about work safety. We should clear to understand that we will have high requirements to us. All operators must be very responsible.    
- What purpose do you have now?
- The main purpose is to start-up corrugated machine, to start-up new machine and to produce the first board.
It is the first purpose for everybody. And further – of course high quality of product and capacity.
- What is the unique in new equipment?
- It is a new technology. There are not many modern corrugated machines in the world. New size machine increases the quality of gluing, it gives huge variants for correcting the broke, improves the control for quality. Of course, it is also the increasing of product range.
-Is there big competition for working ate new equipment among the workers?
- Sure, everyone wants to work at modern corrugated machine. It is a new step of development for yourself as for personality.  
- What do you do for self-improving?
- I always read literature, study all necessary information in the internet. We were given the documents with the parameters of new corrugated machine. So, there is an opportunity at home to read, to study and remember. Nobody cancels self-education. 


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