Founder of the famous company – "namesake" was genial inventor Verner fon Siemens. Some of his inventions fully changed the world and moved human civilization to the progress. The first telegraph line, hydroelectric installation, high-speed electrical engines, underground station, traffic light, filament lamp, fridges, washing machines" – everything is from "Siemens". In the sphere of medical information technologies it is the first in the world aerophone, cardiostimulator, X-ray machine, ultrasonography, tomograph and others. In industry it is industrial engines, wind power plants, research atomic reactor, sea liners, hydroplanes, mobile phones, IT-technologies and others without it you ca not imagine modern life. Today concern is presented more than in 200 countries of the world and combines more 350 000 specialists.

History of "Siemens" in Russia counts more 160 years. The first office of the company was opened in 1853 in St.Petersburg. Thanks to it the first lamp, the first town power plant and the first tramway started-up in Moscow. Today sub-company SiemensAG founded in 1997 is in more than 30 cities of the world. In 2011 concern which is a bit older of our mill "Proletariy" pronounced about milliard program investment for Russia in different spheres of economics. Its future company connects with the future of our country. That is why today "Siemens" makes big investments in culture, science and education in Russia, it supports some social programs, it realizes many own sponsor projects.  Also the company makes sponsor activity, including education.

Firstly drive of company "Siemens" was installed on old BM-5 mounted on the mill "Proletariy" in the middle 80s. That is why management of the mill preparing to rebuild again approached to his reliable and responsible partner. Negotiations lasted during 5 years. In the first step it was discussed about   drive rebuild and changing power electrical equipment. Whet it was agreed the whole last year they prepared to the project and contract. Mr. Aldokimov S. Prigojiy G. and the Mr. Zapekin D. took part in the negotiations, all issues were under the supervision of general director Mr. Kovtunov N.V.
From the beginning manager of department working with pulp and paper factories OOO "Siemens" Churagulova O. A.  worked with them. For Oksana Alexandrovna to conclude this contract was very important, she was born in the village Rassuha of Unecha district. And she would like her company to take part in rebuild project on the land of her motherland. In March 2014 contract for engineering, supply and commissioning of drive system BM-5 was agreed by both parties and signed. The company began to work. One of the directions of the company "Siemens" is industrial automation and drives technology. Her specialists develop, produce and sell all over the world challenging automation system, drive system. Industrial hardware and service based on the best technological platforms. Such examples of this system were supplied on CJSC "Proletariy".
From the company rebuild project of drive system and power equipment of BM is realized by two persons – manager of group of technical support OOO "Siemens" Mr. Maltsev A.V. and the specialist from main office of the company commissioning engineer Mr. Vlaich Y. Both of them are high qualified specialist, they already took part in realization of such rebuild projects and equipment installation on the mills of the country including pulp and paper mills.
Specialists and specialists of the mill make installation work under their supervision. Among them the most experienced I the specialist of electrical department Mr. Matushchenko V. K.. He knows old drive very well, on the first steps he cooperated closely with specialists of the company, new he works with new drive of paper machine. Other specialists also will get good experience - Automatic Process Control System engineer Mr. Matushchenko Alexsei, from technology department – Mr. Kirin Roman. They will operate and make maintenance this difficult equipment in the future.
- Complex drive system includes 45 drive points, it is 45 motors, gear units, cardan rolls, - Mr. Maltsev Andrey told. Main our task - to synchronize their work the equipment can work clearly and consistently. From it depends how paper web with moist stock will go across the machine, won’t it break, fall down, and at the result - quality of the board at the end. But the most important – safety work for the operators on the machine. That is why for us it is the matter of honour – to do and adjust everything properly to avoid complains on the quality of our equipment in future. Frequency converters are for adjustment of drive rotation speed and solving automation tasks of technical process, it is also 45. Installation of this equipment is done by sub-supplier "LS-Group", we have with them not only business but and friendly relation.
For not well informed person frequency converters look like big cabinets filled with many bind different colour wires, buttons and terminals. High reliability of their work is provided with main controller system, it also looks like a cabinet only bigger. In reality according to the words of engineers it is computer "brain" which controls all drives, by analogy with living thing "vas" and the "blood" goes on them – electric power providing the operation of BM-5. All this power equipment is the latest innovation of the concern "Siemens". Thanks to brake resistor high wok quality of the system is provided even during changing of energy load. Control of electric system will be managed by operator after commissioning under the supervision of Yuliy Vlaich will finish.
After finishing of rebuild on "Proletariy" specialists of "Siemens" will have the same work in Arkhangelsk region on the factories of Group "Ilim", it is the biggest company of Russian pulp and paper industry. In future cooperation will continue, company "Siemens" will service of drive system and other equipment and provide with accessory equipment. 

Tamara Kravchenko for district newspaper "Voshod".

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