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Selenginskiy pulp and board mill goes to the markets of Japan and Korea

Selegenskiy pulp aand board mill is going to work up the market of Japan and Korea. As the owners of the mill informed, these counties weren’t satisfied with the quality of technical board produced on the mill. The rebuild of the mill afforded to exclude this factor and to increase the quality of the product.
In January, 2016 the first step of rebuild of board machine on the mill was finished. New hydraulic head box was installed and started-up with computer control system, recirculation system with screens with modern slot screens was updated, automation control quality of the product was installed and started-up.

All these measures afforded to increase useful qualities of box board. Thank to rebuild work high quality of technical board produced. Investment to the project was about 2 mln. dollars. This month the start-up of the second recovery boiler panned. At the end it will afford to provide the stability of alkali balance, so to take out technological risk of the mill. The other part of the work done during rebuild is aimed at providing energetic stability of the mill. Immense increasing the quality of produced technical board and also increasing the capacity of production  will afford for the mill new customers, increase sales market and at the result it will strength the positions on the world market of box board.
Within three years production of technical board on Selenginskiy pulp and board mill increased more than 30 %. Also average wage on the mill increased. To the end of 2017 the volume of shipping the final product plans to increase in two times against the same figures in 2016. Of course, the price for technical board will be increased. As Mr. Nagovitsyn told after excursion on production ton of technical board on the world market costs in two and half more, " it means it is necessary to extend the export".
Today about 7 % product of the mill goes to the export; now it is only the market of Central Asia. Also the company digests the prospective market of China. In November 2016 pulp and board market supplied successfully to China tall oil in special containers. Tall oil it is secondary product of pulp cooking, it is important raw material in soap, perfume and paint industry, it is used during the production of drying oils, different emulgents, alkyd resins, exsiccant, linoleum, as flotation reagent and others.
OAO "Seleginskiy pulp and board mill" it is the biggest producer of sulfate unbleached cellulose in Siberia and Far East , it is local economic mainstay of single industry town Selenginsk with amount of the staff more 1700 people, and also single source of temperature energy for population of Selenginsk on the lowest tariff in Republic of Buryatia. Close water system is used in the work of the mill, it excludes trade waste discharge. In spite of difficult financial and economic situation from June 2015 the mill woks without losses.

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