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Salaries of the staff are increased on Arkhangelskiy paper mill

Salaries on Arkhangelskiy paper mill are increased on 10 %.  
According to the decision of stockholder ОАО "Arkhangelskiy paper mill" - Pulp Mill Holding GmbH (Austria) from July 1, 2016 in accordance with current collective contract current rates and salaries of the workers of the mill and its subsidiary companies – OAO “Arhbum” and OAO “Byt” are increased on 10 % on all structural subdivision of the company.
As General Director of Arkhangelskiy paper mill commented Dmitriy Zylev definite role in this decision was adviser Pulp Mill Holding on investment activity Vladimir Krupchak.
"Stockholder of the mill obeyed not only with Collective contract on the mill – noticed top manager of the company. Arkhangelskiy paper mill always is   socially oriented mill, estimated our uniquely staff”.

We remind you at the result of 2015 average monthly salary on Arkhangelskiy paper mill increased in comparison with last year on 10% till 38,7 thousand rub.
Last year the mill increased financing of social programs and benefits in comparison with the same period 2014 on 34,2% till 306,2 mln.rub.
Arkhangelskiy paper mill was founded in 1940.
It is one of the leading wood-chemical mills of Russian Federation and Europe. It is specialized on board production and market cellulose, paper and paper product.
Singular stockholder of Arkhangelskiy paper mill is Austrian company Pulp Mill Holding GmbH.
Press relies of ОАО "Arkhangelskiy paper mill"


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