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Previous year it is a year of changing not only in the country but also in the world.  Thereweremanyeventsin 2014. It was pleasant events such as Olympic Games in Sochi and also sad events as military conflict on the Ukraine. ZAO “Proletariy” also had many events.
General Director of ZAO “Proletariy” Nikolay Kovtunov told about results.

- Nikolay what was year 2014? Why it was memorable for the factory?

- In 2014 staff of ZAO “Proletariy” made a big work connected not only with board production. Except existing activity it was necessary to put the foundation of the future. 2014 year was the year of negotiations.  The main decision of the year was the decision of share holders to begin the second stage of rebuild BM-5. This decision was difficult for all participants. Before the shareholders took this decision our staff prepared development project of the factory.
Sign in gof the contract on rebuild of BM-5 means not only development of the building  №2 where production capacity for production of technical board are situated but also all facilities of the factory. Itis watercycle, sewage treatment, energy system. And the most important resource it is qualified staff. Wedidpreparationworkduringtheyear.

- It is always planed the future of new year. What did you do from planned work?

- We did almost everything. Main purpose was to install auxiliary systems in building. It was already written a lot about it. I would like to mention: start up of new crane 25 ton. It is very important thing in our production. And the second project it is “Air system in building  №2”.

- And today can you put the mark to the staff for the work during the year?

- Main mark for the staff it is their salary. Average salary on 2014 was increased on 16%.

- If we can tell not in percentage but in numbers. What is the average salary permonth?

- In December average salary of specialists of ZAO “Proletariy” was 22 000 rub. But in November it was already 26 000 rub.

- Nikolay Victorovich, if we continue to speak about staff. Everybody understands that rebuild is not impossible without qualified staff. Also it is impossible to work on new technological equipment, it concerns specialists which are responsible for the production of technical board and also technologist on corrugated board production and products from it. Factory always paid much attention to preparation of the specialists. What is training planned in the nearest time, because delivery of the equipment will begin very soon?

- Recently we had been at company “Voith” and had negotiations about preparation of our specialists. There is a big education al center in Heidenheim.  Company “Voith” prepares its specialists there. They can answer any question about control for technical board production. Also specialists are taught such thing to determine the quality of the board with tactual sensation.  There are a lot of measuring devices which we cannot afford to buy because of its high price. But at the same time without them we can not understand correct what technological process means. Our specialists – shiftman, superiorrefiner, superiordrying and superior operators of BM-5 will have training in educational center in Germany. Till February  will be agreed the schedule and educational programme and also list of person.  Educational programme means checking of high technologist machines for paper production, technology training in scope of supply the equipment rebuild and preparation of schedule for shutdown after start up of the equipment.

- Did you write the contract for new OCC Line? What result do you expect after rebuild?
- Cleaning of the stock in flounce for the board production process o. New stock cleaning system, will give closed water cycle. Fresh water consumption per ton will decrease to the rates which are in Europe now.  We buy not only European equipment but also and technology. It means due to modern system our production increasing paper production will decrease water consumption thus volume of waste water in two times.  But even now we have good quality of the water. But new technologies will allow decreasing the load on nature and decrease prime cost of final product –board. Today it is not impossible to make competition in board production of not expensive kind of board using big volume of water, energy and gas. Situation on the market showed today it is necessary to produce board of high quality and not high price. Contact for new OCC Line ZAO “Proletariy” wrote with company “Voith”.
- On December press-conference Vladimir Putin noticed that two next years will be difficult.  Can you predict there build on the work?
- ZAO “Proletariy” concluded credit loan on easy terms before exchange market closed for realization of big projects. Our factory is one of the biggest tax payers of Bryansk region.  Safety and future in Surazh qualified specialists from the Ukraine and their families found here.  Be sides to become the leader in the sphere of technical board production, other way we do not have.  2016 year will become the last for many Russian companies which do not prepare modern working conditions and high quality products.
-How sanctions did influence on the cooperation with foreign partners?
- Technologies of leading companies afford to see in future with optimism because it is a guarantee of long and mutual cooperation with our customers.   All our foreign partners also are interested in success realization of the project. Nobody wants to lose us discipline and reliable partner.
- Nikilay Victorovich, now much attention you paid to building №2. It is clear because of rebuild. But what is about the fate of building №1?  
- We plan to install new equipment for corrugated production in building №1. We have negotiations with foreign countries.  Much attention machinist from Asia attends to this project. Every day control of civil work is done. But it will be future. Every year management of building №1 worked and at last this building stopped to bring losses.
- What is about social programme next year?
- I hope social fund of expenses will not be changed.
- Football fans and players are interested if will football team play in the first  division?
-Next year football team “Proletariy” will win medals. Young available play together for a long time also the trainer is good. They won the third league, we took the second place in the second division. But sport competitions should be on special arena.
- Nikolay Victorovich, what do you wish your colleagues in New Year?
- In 2015 I wish to the staff of ZAO” Proletariy” working efficiency, patience, prosperity and health. With coming New Year! 

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