Renovation of the dike in Lyalichi

It was begun the renovation of popular lake in Lyalichi. The work is done by OOO “ALTA-STORY 7”. This lake is a part of architectural complex which today is the monument of history and culture of federal meaning. It was park with English garden and three lakes with wonderful islands in country estate Lyalichi in XVIII century on the project of famous Italian architect Gakomo Kvarengi.

In contrast to palace complex water resources kept till now. But dike covered the lakes became to destroy. But its renovation from federal budget on program “Keeping of water resources” was given more four million rub. The repair of the dike will be finished October 1st.  Annually lakes in Lyalichi are cleaned by special services. For local people and tourists the lakes are not only sight of the village but also it is favorite place for fishing.

Погода в Сураже