Repair of the roads in Surazh

Суражские дорогиMarked area on the map of dead roads Lenina Street (from crossing with Oktyabrskaya Street till Vokzalnaya Street) thank to initiative of volunteers All-Russia People’s Front was included to the plan of repair the roads in Surazh in 2017. Today full repair of the covering finished there: new asphalt was put there, borders were installed. The next streets will be Sadovaya and the part of Vokzalnaya, they also included to the list of repair work next year.

Дороги СуражаAt this moment sand and loose chippings were put in Sadovaya Street. Very soon it will be asphalt there. On some area marked Surazh people on web-site of road inspection All-Russia People’s Front in spring it was done patching of the road. (Mglinskaya and Krasnoarmeiskaya Streets). Anyway many roads in Surazh need to be repaired. In reply of administration that all streets in Surah which do not have asphalt were cleaned with road grader three times. But unfortunately people of small streets and alleys told that this special machine did not come there for many years.


Погода в Сураже