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Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK

Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK
Киевский КБК. Производство технического картонаRebuild project on OCC line BM-2 for technical production of the board finished. December 14-15 leading engineers of international company GL&V visited the mill. As press-service of the mill informed, result of rebuild became increasing the production of all line. It allowed to increase the production of technical board. Shutdown of the equipment was decreased because of technical reasons. Results of the test run confirmed by engineers of GL&V and the specialists of the mill.

«Of course, the target of this big project was decreasing of waste paper consumption during production of technical board and container board. The target was reached. Besides, energy consumption in conversion to unit of final product was increased on 20%. Because of deeper cleaning of the stock and application of innovation system of fractionation was decreased the amount of small speckles, subsequently – quality of technical board and container board was improved. Because of usage new technology chemical consumption, content of fiber in the rejects was reduced. It influences fairly not only on products costs but also on ecological situation in the region. Thanks to the engineers of GL&V everything was good.
The project was not easy, but is interesting. Teamwork of our and European specialists allowed to realize all planned targets.


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