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Rebuild of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill

Архангельский ЦБК модернизирует 2 КДМ. Новости промышленности Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill rebuild BM-2. Stock joint company “Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill” successfully began program for rebuild of the mill. Under this program it was signed the agreement with company from Finland “Valment” about supply of the equipment for updating of the machine for production of technical board BM-2.
As it was informed in the news rebuild of production has some purposes. Firstly, it is changing of low efficiency and old equipment and then decreasing the costs at the expense of more effective usage of resources and of course, decreasing of negative influence on outside environment. Also one of important issues is improving the quality of produced product – technical board and products from it.

Компания Valment участвует модернизации Архангельского ЦБК Company “Valment” takes part in rebuild of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill. The price of signed contract is high. It is more fifty million euro. However, if everything is good, updated BM-2 will allow to increase producing of product on 90 000 ton per year, it will allow to return investments.
It was informed in the new of industry several times that Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill is not only one of the leading producers of forest sphere in Russia but in Europe also. “In order to leaders we should go with the time”.

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