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RAO Bumprom creates new department

RAO Bumprom creates department for increasing efficiency of production for waste paper recycling.
From 1 January 2015 in RAO Bumprom is created new direction in order to find new raw material, import substitution and creation of new products

Russian economics has hard time, rate of grow manufacturing decreased, allot of in vesting projects stopped, profitability fell down.  Additional difficulties were because of geopolitical crisis which lead to decreasing the market. The best decision of the situation is the developing of import substitution and diversification of suppliers.
For concerted actions of the plant on these directions department for increasing the efficiency of pulping process was created.  Department will work according to the branch of pulping processing and packing production under the supervision of Gurianov Andrei.
The main aim of creation new department is to increase the level of research and technology equipment of pulp and paper plants, to create new conditions for substitution of imported good items with Russian analogue, to support the plant sin creation of new products, to look for technologies of using new kind of raw material. Work will be on the following principles:
Chemicals for pulp and paper production
Corrugated production
   Power supply
New department can help the following tasks:
  -economy of paper pulp and decreasing of stock volume of container board and corrugated board;
  - improving the technology of cleaning, decreasing of fiber loss and increasing ecological safety of discharge water;
  -economical using of chemicals, looking for alternative king of chemicals which allow to create new kind of products;
   - decreasing of power consumption of production process.
According to the materials of

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