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Pulp and paper plant in Arkhangelsk started up new cellulose plant this year

On the area of neutral sulfite semichemical pulp in OAO “Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant” did five million semi-final products from the day of start- up.  
Raw material for BM-1 and BM-2 goes from own cooking production of the plant which produces sulfate unbleached pulp and neutral sulfite semichemical pulp. Production of sulfate cellulose is produced on three machines of constant cooking “Kamyr” (company KVM, Sweden), neutral sulfite semichemical pulp is on two multitubes machines for constant cooking “Pandiya” which was manufactured in Russia with plant “Uralhimmash” special for Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant.

 Board for plain layer (craft-liner) is produced from this semi -finished products, corrugating paper (fluting) and uniliner.
At this moment company finishes building of new semicellulose which will change existing section for production of neutral sulfite semichemical pulp. Building of new department and administrative department are almost assembled and work for erection of main and axillary equipment is finished.
Purpose of paper production rebuild is connected with necessity to minimize costs for board production and  base for corrugating, increasing of quality values of the products and decreasing of its prime cost.
Capacity of new production will be 1000 ton semicellulose per day. Total price of the project is more 2,7 mld.rub. Start-up of new production of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper plant is planned this year in  75 birthday of the plant. 

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