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Production of technical board. The results of the year

Алдокимов С М руководитель модернизации 5 машины по производству технического картонаAldokimov S.M. project manager of rebuild BM-5. It is told leap year is always difficult, breaking. In some days 2016 will finish. What was this year? Maybe opinions will be different. We asked Sergei Maximovich to tell his impressions – project manager of rebuild project of JSC “Proletariy”. And of course, we were interested most of all updated Bm-5 for production of technical board which in 2016 was almost updated., we have already mentioned about it on our web-site.
- Sergei Maximovich what king of the year it was for you and for the mill?
- I was not easy. But it was interesting. It was done a lot but a lot it is necessary to do. But in general it was successful: everything what we planned we did. 

5 машина по производству технического картона АО Пролетарий- Sergei Maximovich what is the situation on updated machine now?
- We can say that the second step of rebuild is successfully finished. There are small problems, it is not possible without them; but in general all planned values of machine’s capacity and quality of final product were reached, BM-5 operates in normal mode, buyers are satisfied with the quality of the board and we are satisfied with the operation of new equipment.  Everything is normal.
- You mentioned about the problems. Can you tell us in detail?
- There is nothing to tell. There are some small faults on every industrial mill which is necessary to solve. But it is not necessary to concentrate on it. One thing which is necessary to mention is broke pulper of OCC layer. At this moment we are not able to reach 100 %of its capacity. But from the beginning this unit was designed with spare capacity, this problem is not critical. As it was told before, throughput of technical board on updated machine has already became more than planned values. Anyway, partners do not refuse from their liabilities: after New Year holidays Voith specialists will visit the mill in order to solve this problem.
- What are the plans for the nearest future?
- Now the negotiations are in the process for installation of new reel on BM-5. Interesting proposals were suggested from our constant partners – concern “Voith” and also from Polish company “PMP”. .In the nearest time we will decide and begin to work over the necessary design documents.
- Thank you for the interview. Sergei Maximovich would you like to tell somebody on the New Year’s Eve?
- Of course, I wish to everybody health, success, happiness. I wish to colleagues and the staff of JSC “Proletariy” financial stability which is directly depends from how we will work; to our partners and suppliers of equipment  I wish stability and prosperity.  Let all your dreams become true, the plans will reality, everything what you want will true. Happy New Year!

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