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Paper production. Interesting facts.

Производство бумаги. Любопытные факты Paper production in the world becomes more popular, it is fact. And you know that according to the statistics every year regular American spends about 300 kg of paper (office, newspaper and so on). The person from Africa for the same time spends more than 1 kg of paper. On this scale Russia is on interesting place: it appears that each of us spends per year about 25 kg of paper! It includes newspapers, magazines, documents and toilet paper.

However authorities is not included in this statistics: each of them use about 996 kg of office paper; almost one ton! If this paper cut on format A4 with density about 80 gm/m2 is put on the ground – it will be the square 12495 m2. For paper production with this capacity it is necessary to recycle 17 trees.