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Production of paper will be decreased scientists of America consider

Производство бумаги из целлюлозы сократится – считают учёныеIn the nearest time it will be revolution if the sphere of paper production for print production – American scientists consider. Together with Chinese technologies American people invented principal new type of paper. Innovation is that paper can be used till 80 times and it is not necessary neither colour no ink for printing on it full colour image with good quality

Application of image on paper is done with the way of light striking if ultraviolet rays are available. Quality image holds about one week and then it loses colour. If it is necessary to clean paper fast – it is possible to heat it up to 120 degrees. When the paper is cleaned (any way: with heating or time) it is possible to apply new image again and  the same is 80 times!
According to the applications of scientists paper production of this type is rather cheap and the perspectives are big. Of course, it is not possible to print books on this paper, but costs for issue of press are decreased in some times. For final consumer innovation is also profitable: it is the opportunity to come for new press with own paper, where during some seconds new issue of magazine or newspaper will be applied on.
Of course, new technology of paper production is profitable with ecological point of view: there is no cellulose which is produced from the wood.
To try new kind of board in Russia a lot of printing offices from Tver, Krasnodar, Moscow and St. Petersburg agreed to try new kind of board in Russia. It is still a secret information about where is the production of new kind of paper.


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