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Producers of technical board are for embargo of wastepaper export

Производство технического картонаEnterprices of pulp and paper industry especially non-diversified specialized on production of technical board, corrugated board and corrugated container were for extension of the embargo for waste paper export beyond the country. This theme was discussed again during the meeting of the head Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturow and governer of Tverskaya region Igor Ruden. It was discussed about Kamenskaya paper-board mill in Kuvshinovo Tverskaya region (production of corrugated container, corrugated board, technical board, paper).

Производство гофротары, АО Пролетарий, Сураж Брянская обл"The biggest companies of the country which have on its balance modern production lines have a shutdown because of suppliers of raw material sell it abroad, it is more profitable. We will support the extension of the law about the embargo for cellulose export and waste paper  from the country – Igor Rudnya governer of Tverskaya region  told.  Raw material is strategically resource for development of the industry in the region and in the country; firstly it concerns Kamenskaya paper –board mill. This measure will also influence on marketability of main
    The head Ministry of Industry and Trade also promised to help with the extension of embargo for the export of waste paper from Russia.” … the whole last year the country was in the mode of embargo for wastepaper export, and it influenced positive on domestic enterprises which produce corrugated board, technical board and corrugated container. Such decisions were not on 2017. For making a decision it Производство гофрокартона, Каменская БКФis necessary to make full analyze the needs of pulp-paper industry, and especially – sphere of technical board production  and only after that it is possible to start discussion the subject itself”, he said.
For information.
     Production sphere of Kamenskaya paper-board mill” is the production of technical board, paper, production of corrugated container and corrugated boar. Today average number of staff is about 800 people.
     Main competitors of the mill are: OJSC "Paper mill Kommunar”, ООО "Stora Enso Pakaging BB" (Stora Enso Packaging BB), and also our enterprise – JSC "Proletariy". According to the information published on web-site Tver-Portal, Kamenskaya BKF in 2015 increased the volume of sales up to 6.82 mld.rub. (from 4.74 mld.rub.- 2014). Net profit of the mill in 2015 increased up to 443 mln.rub. Executive director of Kamenskaya paper-board mill is Vladimir Vasilievich Velichko.

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We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record

We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record
In March BM-5 of JSC “Proletariy” produced technical board on 16,7% more than planned. It not only the increasing the plan, it is a new record of production of technical board for BM-5! It was also a new record for the speed of BM-5: it is on 14,3 % higher  than maximum speed  pointed in the contract by the manufacturer of the board machine!
Of course, increasing the production...

Training of the specialists JSC “Proletariy” in Germany

Training of the specialists JSC “Proletariy” in Germany
The team which will do the start-up of new corrugated machine is organizing. The specialists will have testing not only for start-up of the machine but also for the operation...
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