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Production of electrical board

Производство электрокартона ЭВ АО ПролетарийElectrical board (press paper) is produced from unbleached kraft pulps with adding of chemicals, galipot, sometimes cotton fibers; most of all the colour of the board of light brown, “nut” town. This kind of technical kind is as transformer paper, materials contained film, material based on mica, varnished cloth and so on refer to electrical isolated material. It is produced with calendaring.
 There are different king of electrical board which is differ from each other its characteristics and consequently – its sphere of application. Electrical board EV it is the most popular from this king of product, its production is done according to GOST 4194-83.
According to this document there are different kinds of electrical board:

Катушка трансформатора из электрокартона ЭВ- Electrical isolating board mark "А": is meant for application in superpower transformers and equipment working with power voltage till 750 volt. There is housing of the coil of power transformer TC-270 manufactured from this king of product on the picture.
Transformer coil from electrical board EV –“B”: it is applied in the equipment working in everyday power line 220/380 volt. It is possible to use in oil medium with condition that operating oil temperature is not higher 100 degree Celsius. Sometimes it is used with the manufacture of clothes and shoes.
- "В": in comparison with other samples of the same product it has higher specific density and electrical strength. It is resistance to oil and water.
- "G": is applied mainly in everyday electrical equipment working with power voltage. Till 220 volt (everyday power line) including.  
- "АМ": peculiarity of this technical board is resistance to surface and static electrical discharge. It is effectually to use in high voltage and high-reliable equipment.
- "ЭВС": analogue of fibre for usage in slot insulation. It is applied mainly in auto industry.
Board is delivered in rolls and sheets (it depends on customer requirements). It is cut on intermediate products (motor parts, transformers and so on) with cutting (pressing). It is used precise laser cutting of subproducts in high precision device. On this video you can see how from electrical board EV side plates are cut for the transformer coils.
Besides electrical equipment electrical isolating board is used in other spheres. You can read attritional information about it in the article “It is interested”. Secrets of electrical board. To buy the board or to get additional consult of the specialist you can phone written on the pot of the page. Or to complete feedback, our manager will contact will call you in any time and answer all your questions.


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