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Production of corrugated container Eurobosk Polska

Dunapack Eurobosk Polska (Польша) планирует возвести новый комбинат по производству гофротарыPacking from corrugated board became more popular at producers of different product. Domestic machines, furniture, industrial equipment and a lot of other things are packed in the boxes from corrugated board and every day this list increases. Packing from corrugated board is easy and strength, ecologically clear but the most important that its price is lower than the same container from the wood or plastic. That is why producing of boxes from corrugated board of different sizes and kinds will be kept for a long time cost-effective. It is understood not only in Russia but also abroad.

Company «Dunapack Eurobosk Polska» (Poland) informed about the plans of making modern complex for production of corrugated board. Twenty hectares of the land were bought not far from the town of Lublinets. It is planned to install board machine on this mill which will be capable to produce the board with the width 280 mm and with the most modern equipment for production of corrugated packing. The peculiarity of the mill  is according to the plans must became correspondence of production process to the strict requirements for environmental protection.
 The mill will become serious competitor as for European producers of packing from corrugated board and for Russian mills of pulp and paper industry.


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We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record

We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record
In March BM-5 of JSC “Proletariy” produced technical board on 16,7% more than planned. It not only the increasing the plan, it is a new record of production of technical board for BM-5! It was also a new record for the speed of BM-5: it is on 14,3 % higher  than maximum speed  pointed in the contract by the manufacturer of the board machine!
Of course, increasing the production...
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