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Printing plants and paper industry notes decreasing of demand

Conversion of information and passing data in a digital form stands American printing and paper industry in front of big problems.
Printing industry beginning from 2014(with the lowest level) registers small increasing of suppliers but you cannot expect constant increasing. Digital printing obtains importance. Demand on paper and also printing and writing paper is decreased.
According to the data of "Freedonia" transaction in commercial and printing sphere will decrease a little during next years. Increasing product range of technical difficult ink0jet printers and digital printing devices in personal and mill using will be promoted to this. The biggest market segment offset printing may in mid-range period loose share on the market flexographic printing   and firstly digital printing.

Digital printing gets importance acutely. It can be explained, firstly with increasing demand on manufactured on special orders printing product: in this case product range during the next years with quickly and big technical progress became more elastic.  
Main impulses for digital printing have to come from packaging and also it is necessary to attract more customers. Brach enterprises try to get competitive position, firstly in food industry and in production of non-alcohol drinks via labels of high quality and innovation variant of package.
Capacity of suppliers of pulp and paper industry decreased during the first 11 month 2015 in comparison with the same period of previous year on 0,8 % till $178 mld. "Standard & Poor's" predicted in autumn 2015 that during the next 3-5 years paper industry will be under the pressure of real circumstances. In addition, firstly it is pointed influences of increasing digitating information and data pass.
 On the base of increasing digitization salespeople of corrugated board paper-base win from realization. Share of sales via Internet in retail sales increases and product is supplied mostly in package from corrugated board.    
According to RISI capacity of paper base for corrugated board must be increased in the USA in the period between 2013 and 2016 on 9 %. Quantitatively demand will increase, according to the same source in period from 2015 till 2019 at average on 1,7 % per year.  
According to IBIS World good perspectives has the product of their fiber stock particularly board boxes and disposable package for food. According to the date of market researcher demand on such package must be popular during next years.


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