Copy of Victory banner opened March 1 representatives of young people from three districts Surazh district, Mglin district and Hotimsk in Belarus near the monument of soldiers 112 mountain regiment of horse who took feat with fascists August 16, 1941. Red army afforded to cross Iput of Soviet forces. Squadron of Ivan Gorobets showed the example of courage, persistence and bravery, they made fascists to think about the great victory.

The victory came but not very soon to our people who suffered great holiday May 9, 1945.
Head ofSurazh district administration V.P.Rivanenko, deputy chairman of Hotimskdistrict executive committee V.E. Petrovich, deputy of administration of Mglin district O.V. Militsa, priest of Surazh church Vladimir Faraon, chairman of district veteran soviet and military forces S. P.Kozlov,    senior lieutenant of  radar location troop “Surazh” D.V. Melnikov , member of republic young  union Darya Pushtarevaappealed to remember the price of the victory for our grandparents and  great grandfather. Participants of put swag and flowers to the monuments. Surazh people gave the copy of Victory banner to the representatives of Mglin district. 

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