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Representatives of paper industry ask about decreasing of taxes

Бумажная промышленность России – газеты подорожаютMay 12 to the address of premier-minister Medvedev D.A. the letter from paper mills industry was sent with proposal about amendments to the law of environmental charge. The idea of proposal is to decrease environmental charge on all printed press in the country and also for some office goods. This initiative was supported by many paper mills, management union of publishers NAI, management of associations of printers, representatives of ARPP (association of extension of printed product), members of Russian books union and union of paper distributor.

At this moment this document influenced on all printed product. This document is said “"The collection of additional environmental charge is subject to goods for which self-disposal of waste is impossible after the loss of consumer properties"; in fact - this is most part of the paper industry in Russia.
The letter says that "... these financial encumbrances contribute to a further decline the popularity of printed publications and a reduction in their production volumes. Because of economical reasons, printed materials have significantly decreased in Russia now. Since the pulp and paper mills, and publishing companies, and distribution companies of various profiles and formats possess the right to own periodicals, according to the mentioned, all of them are obliged to pay the environmental charge. "
Authors of the appeal find it is difficult to estimate the volume of the proposed charge, but they note that it is calculated on the basis of the volumes (circulation) of the produced products. After payment of all charges, the cost of printed products will be increased by at least ten percent. Today, the rate of environmental charges in terms of a ton of printed products is 2,400 rubles.

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