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Powerlifting champion became man from Surazh

Суражанин Николай Бурдаков - чемпион по пауэрлифтингуThere was opened command and personal championship of Moscow region on powerlifting “PRODVIGZHENIE 2016” October 8, 9 in Moscow and man from Surah Nikolay Burdakov took part there.
In weigh category till 100 kg “WPC draft stanovy without equipment” Nikolay showed the best result, he rose bar with weight 290 kg. He got the nomination master of sport. His result he got thank to  will power, hours-long trainings and aspiration to an effective objective

Чемпионат по пауэрлифтингу ПРОДВИЖЕНИЕ 2016Before Nikolay went in for single combats: sambo, judo, hand-to-hand fight where he reached high values.
He got diplomas and appreciations and among there was Gratitude of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation and also medal “For taking part in the war parade in Victory Day”. He served in 98th The 98th Guards airborne Svirsky Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner divisions of the Kutuzov Order.  After the army he worked the teacher of combat sport in Surazh sport school.


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