The winner of Surazh district competition The Teacher of the Year-2017

Победитель конкурса Учитель года г. Сураж English teacher of school №1 in Surazh Shlyk Natalia Mikhailovna is the winner of municipal step all-Russian competition “the Teacher of the Year-2017”, she became the participant of regional competition of profession skill.
Natalia Mikhailovna is the teacher of with a God-given talent, she found her true calling.
 «I ca not imagine my life without school, without children’s voice and without our quite Surazh”- Natalia Mikhailovna told.
When she finished 9 form at school, she entered pedagogical college (now it is Surazh pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin). After finishing college, she began to work at school №1 as English teacher. At the same time she studied at Bryansk Syate University named Petrovskiy.

Motivation and high professionalism allowed to Natalia Mikhailovna to get the love of children and respect of her colleagues. She was awarded a lot of times with certificate of honour of educational department in Suazh district and also certificate of honour of district administration and soviet of people's deputies.
The victory of Natalia Mikhailovna in Surazh regional competition the Teacher of the Year-2017” became the award confirmed her high level of professional skills.
We congratulate Natalia Mikhailovna and wish her new achievements in her difficult but honorary work!


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