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Paper mill “Volga” plans to invest 2,5 mld.rub in new department of thermomechanical stock

ОАО "Volga" (Balahna, Nizhniy Novgorod region), it is one of the biggest in Russia producers and exporter of newsprint paper, it plans to invest 2,5 mld.rub. for making new department  of thermomechanical stock, RIA new on the mill informed.
"At this moment technical documents of the project are in the process of development, the supplier is already chosen, financial model is determined. There are also the proposals from the banks which are ready to give financial resources for building of new department its capacity will be 600 ton per day”- told the talker.

 Besides this, now on “Volga” program of rebuild paper machine №8 works there for increasing of its working speed from 1230 meters per minute to 1320 meters per minute. The representative of the mill did not tell the volume of financing for rebuild of paper machine explaining it that the process is very long. 
"Rebuild will help to increase the volume of production of main raw material on paper mill and to create new working places", — he noted.
In 2015 ОАО "Volga" realized for export 220,091 thousand ton of final production, it is 67, 6% from total volume of produced newsprint paper. Now the part of sale in the mill among Russian paper mills on foreign market is about 15 %.
Paper mill "Volga" is on one of the leading positions for production of newsprint paper and it is single factory in a town. The production on the mill is manufactured on paper machine from Voith of Austrian manufacture.   
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