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Equipping of the lab of corrugated department at JSC “Proletariy” began. In spite of the fact that the place for the lab is in the process of preparation it is has already started the delivery of new equipment to the mill. The whole complexes of modern devices were bought to the mill for making incoming control of board and paper and also devices for lab tests. New equipment will increase carrying out lab trials and will improve the accuracy of measurement. For example, express method of moisture analysis will allow to the technologists to adjust fast settings of the corrugated machine in order to avoid creasing and crackles of corrugated board. The sum spent on equipping was more six million rubles.

Professional holiday

Вручение грамот в ДК ПролетарийIt was a ceremony September, 14 on Friday in community center of JSC “Proletariy” devoted to professional holiday to the workers of Forest industry, wood and pulp –paper industry. Event hall gathered not only one generation of Surazh board manufacturers. And this evening workers, specialists, management of the mill And Surazhskiy district gathered at holiday concert. Chief engineer of JSC “Proletariy” Evgeniy Nikolaevich  Yudenkov congratulated all representatives and  thanked from the face of management of the mill for dedicated work.

Автопарк АО ПролетарийJSC “Proletariy” got two new heavy trucks “Mercedes" and two semitrailers to it. Their price is 17,5 mln.rub. The transport is for international transportation of final products. The advantages of new trucks that they are more cost effective and comfortable. The trucks got the drivers who have high work experience. Trucks got instead of the trucks “DAF”. They will be sold in the nearest time.

The book about the factory “Proletariy” is preparing to publication

Фабрике Пролетарий скоро 125. К юбилею приурочено издание книги.Factory Proletariy will be 125 years. The publication of the book coincides to the anniversary. The book to the publication is preparing devoted to the history of the factory. The date of publication coincides to the anniversary of “Proletariy”. If you have interesting material: photos, documents or stories which you want to publish in the book – you can ask the administration of JSC “proletariy”, group in social network or in the official site of the factory.

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Football club "Proletariy"


"Пролетарий" - "Заря" 4:2
"Пролетарий" - "Медведь" 9:0
"Пролетарий" - "Клинцы"5:0
"Пролетарий" - "БГАУ"9:0

Upcoming matches

"Пролетарий" - "Мебельщик"-:-

Other news

Внимание - футбол 18 мая 2019

Внимание - футбол 18 мая 2019
Чемпионат Брянской области по футболу 2019г. 4 ТУР 18 МАЯ (Суббота) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ) -      "БГАУ" (КОКИНО) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Ипуть"
Начало игры: 17.00  

Football club Proletariy – the owner of football community shield in Bryansk region

Football club Proletariy – the owner of football community shield in Bryansk region
There was a match for football community shield of Bryansk region 2019  in Klintsy May 1 between football club “Proletariy” and the team “Uchkhoz” (Kokino)....

Attention – football 01.05.2019

Attention – football 01.05.2019
Football Super Cup 2019 of Bryansk region   May 1 (Wednesday) “Proletariy” (Surazh) –     “Uchkhoz” (Kokino) 1st division FHC “Solnechnyi”, Klintsy Beginning of the game: 3:00 p.m.  

There was a seminar “With football during the whole life!”

There was a seminar “With football during the whole life!”
March 26 Bryansk regional football federation on base of Surazhskiy pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin presented a seminar “With football during the whole life!” 19 people took part in the seminar, mainly they are the students of the...

Volleyball Cup of JSC “Proletariy” 2019

Volleyball Cup of JSC “Proletariy” 2019
Volleyball Cup of JSC “Proletariy”   From March 27  to April 3, 2019   Only staff of the factory takes part in the competition   Place: gym of the pedagogical gym
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