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Calendar of rebuild

- 4 agitators for new tanks on the project of stock preparation rebuild were supplied to the factory. Manufactures of the equipment is Italian company “Komertek”.  
- Dismantle of pulper «VOITH» is finished.
Dismantle was done by our force. Specialist of company “Proxima-plus” began to prepare basement for new pulper. Also specialists of this company began to do sewage channels and floors in the area of new tanks for stock storage.

Next step of rebuild BM-5 finished

Erection works almost finished for four tanks for department of stock preparation BM-5. Installed tanks are the biggest on the factory, their capacity are 1250, 1000 и 600 m3. Thanks to cooperation work of contractors and specialists of ZAO “Proletariy” all tanks are almost ready.
Civil work began from the erection of pile field in winter and finished according to the schedule. Contractors and specialists of our factory already began to next step of rebuild. 
Photos of the steps:


It was working meeting on ZAO “Proletariy” where issues about location and unloading of new equipment were discussed which will be on the factory at the beginning of June.
32 trucks will come on 23 KW from Germany. Dryer cylinders will be in 24 trucks. Crane and trucks will be used during unloading. It is planned to pass only 2 trucks on the territory. Under the requirement of manufacturer new accessories for BM-5 should be kept in closed area.  Part of the equipment   packing in special cases will be kept on the storage of fabric, the second part should be kept under hangar near pump – filtration station and garage. Video cameras will be installed on the areas. Area for old equipment   which will be dismantle in the nearest time was chosen.
The second part of accessories for rebuild will arrive on the factory on 26 KW.  At the end of June 63 trucks will arrive to the factory. 


At the beginning of the year ZAO “Proletariy” realized record amount of production – 8360 t. of the board per month. We did not have such shipments in the history of our factory. Commercial director Irina Knyazevskaya told about new records and possibilities.
- 8360 ton it is a good volume for us. We had some days when it was dispatched 1000-1200 ton of the board. We made this situation specially in order to see how unloading will be during decreasing of production after rebuild of BM-5 and which problems and “weak points” we will have.  Efficiency must be from all departments. Firstly it is necessary to provide paper machine with raw material in order not to stop.  Secondly it is necessary to load carriages with final products in time. We checked how people and machines can work with this volume.

Rebuild of BM-5 goes according to the schedule

- Next party of the equipment for rebuild of stock preparation line was delivered to the factory. Two trucks with accessories came from Germany.
Next deliveries will be in June.
-Erection of 4 tanks was almost finished. Approximately date of finishing the works is May 22.
-Lining of two stainless existing chests of stock storage was finished. It will afford to avoid contaminating impurity of approach system of BM-5.
- Specialists of the factory began to dismantle of old equipment of stock preparation line.  Work is done without shutdown if the production. 

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