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From 20 till 4 December team from ZAO “Proletariy” visited German company BHS Corrugated located in town Weiherhammer ( The purpose of the trip is preliminary discussion of the contract for purchasing new corrugated unit. One pf the participants of the team the head of corrugated department Polozhentsev Evgeniy told his impressions from this trip. - Evgeniy told us some words, what was the necessity of this business trip?


Six specialist of ZAO “proletariy” will have house-warming soon. They bought flats in new house in the center of the town. All specialists bought the flats in credit. Loan without procents for mortage loan the factory presents them. Total amount of loans will be 900 000 rub. Board of directors decided in case of success rebuild of BM-5 and reaching to plans values amount of loans will be canceled.

Workers were awarded with commendations

  On New Year’s Eve at the meeting of Executive District Officer the workers of local economic mainstay ZAO “Proletariy” were awarded with commendations. Commendation of Bryansk regional duma was awarded the work of fitter C &I department N.Lykianets and woman functionary of chemical treatment of water L.Cherepkova.

Happy New Year!


There is a preparation to New Year’s holiday for children in the entertainment house of ZAO”Proletariy” which will be at 11 a.m. 2 January 2015. Programme will be interesting for children and adults. Before the beginning of main celebration it is planned New Year stretch for adults tired from holidays. Guests will dance in dancing hall. Organizers will prepare children New Year lottery. Guests will be entertained by Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, bogey man, Baba Yaga. Symbols of 2015 lamb and sheep should arrive at the holiday. Organizers of the holiday promised a lot of fun, games and so on.

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Внимание – открытие сезона большого футбола!

Внимание – открытие сезона большого футбола!
Стало известно место проведения матча за Суперкубок Брянской области по футболу. ФК "Пролетарий" отправится 21 апреля в Клетню, где на стадионе Авангард ей предстоит сразиться за Суперкубок области по футболу с командой...

Новый сезон большого футбола начнется со встречи Пролетария с Учхозом

Новый сезон большого футбола начнется со встречи Пролетария с Учхозом
Новый сезон большого футбола в Брянской области начнется 21 апреля. По традиции первым матчем станет поединок за Суперкубок, в котором наш футбольный клуб "Пролетарий"  встретится  с  кокинским "УчХозом". По итогам...

CSKA will train young sportsmen from Surazh

CSKA will train young sportsmen from Surazh
Pupils of Surzhskiy youth athletic center will show master class. Such chance appeared thank to realization of social project for children under the priority program “Complex development of mono town”. This project...
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