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Arrangement of the tanks continues

The biggest building continues, it is impossible not to notice it! Four industrial tanks for water and stock are ready, basements for it are ready. On this step utilities connected to the tanks, arrangement of surroundings continues. It is planned to close bottom part of the tanks with easy hangar from “sandwich panels”. Now foundation is being done for this building.

About the biggest rebuild of single factory in a town

Last year net profit of “Proletariy” was 226 mln.rub. It was paid to federal budget in the terms of taxes 130 mln., in region budget – 60 mln., in district budget – 40 mln.
What will be this year? What measures does management of the factory prepare for increasing of the production and improving product quality in difficult economic situation in our country? We speak with Chairman of the Board, senior citizen of Surazh district Yuriy Ivanivich Bondarev about the biggest rebuild of single factory.

Installation of new pulper is started

Next step of rebuild was started – installation of new pulper.  As it was written before old pulper is already dismantled new modern with more capacity equipment will be installed there. Now arrangement of foundation for future pulper is doing, preparation work for installation of new conveyer was begun.


Delivery of new equipment is continuing

Delivery of new equipment for rebuild of BM-5 is continuing. At this moment lot 3 was supplied on the plant with accessories: hood for dryer section of paper machine. It was arrived, unloaded and put for storage.
 56 dryers already supplied, 10 dryer cylinders; and 10 dryer cylinders are at the customs now and ready for dispatching. In order to optimize the transport charges all equipment from Germany is gathered with party (lots) ant then lots will be have customs clearance and be supplied to the plant.

Meeting was with Voith representatives

There was a meeting of management ZAO “Proletariy” and Voith representatives  Roland Rauch and engineers of the company.  Main topic of the meeting is work schedule of the rebuild. Because of small delay  of  equipment delivery caused by Supplier it was necessary to change  work schedule which were planned to do before main shutdown of BM-5.

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indoor soccer. Results of the tenth playing game

indoor soccer. Results of the tenth playing game
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