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Workers were awarded with commendations

  On New Year’s Eve at the meeting of Executive District Officer the workers of local economic mainstay ZAO “Proletariy” were awarded with commendations. Commendation of Bryansk regional duma was awarded the work of fitter C &I department N.Lykianets and woman functionary of chemical treatment of water L.Cherepkova.

Happy New Year!


There is a preparation to New Year’s holiday for children in the entertainment house of ZAO”Proletariy” which will be at 11 a.m. 2 January 2015. Programme will be interesting for children and adults. Before the beginning of main celebration it is planned New Year stretch for adults tired from holidays. Guests will dance in dancing hall. Organizers will prepare children New Year lottery. Guests will be entertained by Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, bogey man, Baba Yaga. Symbols of 2015 lamb and sheep should arrive at the holiday. Organizers of the holiday promised a lot of fun, games and so on.


ZAO “Proletariy” bought presents for children of the staff. 800 magic coffets with sweets, chocolate, marmalade which are decorated with the symbol of the future year toy goat, children will find it under Christmas tree during New Year night. Also the factory bought 75 presents with the symbol of the year for with limited capacity which is in rehabilitation unit of Surazh complex social center.


ZAO “Proletariy” planes to change compressors because of rebuild. Our specialists were in South Korea at the manufacturer of compressor equipment. Team was introduced with the manufacture of compressors, industrial site and organization of the work Kyungwon Machinery (Seoul).Asian partners produce all kind of compressors: piston compressors, screw compressor and spiral compressors.

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ЦСКА будет тренировать юных суражан

ЦСКА будет тренировать юных суражан
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Andrei Zyk – the best player of football club “Proletariy”

Andrei Zyk – the best player of football club “Proletariy”
Four members of football club “Proletariy” became the best players of the first division this year:
- Artur Garaev – the best midfielder;
- Ruslan Tishchenko – the best goal...

In the championship on hand-to-hand fighting in Asia the girl from our district won

In the championship on hand-to-hand fighting in Asia the girl from our district won
   Double World Champion on hand-to-hand fighting the girl from our district – Olga Kololyova (Bryaginya) got the gold again. This time in open championship of Asia on hand-to-hand fighting which...

The award found its heroes

The award found its heroes
On Friday November 24, the ceremony of awarding the 11 times champions on football of Bryansk region and the owners of the Cup this year football club “Proletariy”.
During the whole football season 2017 our team...
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