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Medical examination of women ZAO “Proletariy”

There was a medical examination of women from ZAO “Proletariy” during a week. In factory medical department gynecologists worked, they took analysis and ultrasound examination.  Almost 200 women checked their health.  Examination was done by doctors from clinic “Medexpert” from Bryansk on the program “Voluntary medical insurance”.  It was paid more 150 000 rub. According to recommendations of the doctor all women who needs further help can be directed to medical region center. 

Rebuild calendar. Drivers spoke about equipment delivery

It was already written on our web-site about new equipment delivery for updated BM-5.  Today we spoke with drivers "long distance trucker" who made transfer of the load. They told us the following:
Driver of transport company "RusTransLogistic" Sergei Bernatskiy:
- Weight of my load was 4 ton, it is not small. All equipment was packed well in bags and boxes. Equipment was loaded, we went without problems only we had to stay during a week on the customs in Klintsty.  This time we lived in the trucks, but we already got used.  We were met in Surazh orderly, we would like to thank for this management of the mill. In order the trucks do not get lost, every truck was met with the car from the mill and accompanied to the mill on those roads where road train can go. Parking place and unloading time was organized very well on the territory of ZAO "Proletariy".


Delivery of new equipment for BM-5 is almost finished.  24 trucks arrived with accessories on ZAO “Proletariy”, their total length was about 600 m. It is the biggest equipment delivery   for updated BM-5.  All detail information chief mechanic Lagutenko V.I. told to our reporter.
- Vyacheslav Ivanovich which equipment is already on the mill? 
- As it was written before, in June suppliers delivered dryer cylinders, roll, dryer hood. At the beginning of July 24 trucks delivered dryer section, steam and condensate system, central lubrication system. Wire section, head boxes, centrifugal distributors, vats and cylinders will be arrived on 25 trucks.  All equipment is supplied from Germany.

Treatment procedure for staff children of ZAO “Proletariy” continues

12 children of staff ZAO “Proletariy” had a rest in the first shift  in the camp «Novocamp”. Vouchers are free of charge. Every shift lasts three weeks. Total 36 children of our staff visited the camp this summer.

Happy Birthday ZAO "Proletariy"!

Dear colleagues!
This year ZAO "Proletariy" celebrates its 123 birthday.  During the whole history many times technical updating was on the mill. Thank to constant rebuild the mill could alive in difficult years. 2015 year was  devoted to realization of the second step of investment project. In July under the tradition we celebrate Birthday of our factory.

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Attantion- the gootball - 14 October  2018
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Football club “Proletariy” is twelvefold football champion of Bryansk region
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