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Specialists were got acquainted with new equipment

September 17, it was a meeting on ZAO "Proletariy" with visiting of the areas for assembly of main units of updated BM-5. The guide was a project manager – AldokimovS.M. General Director Kovtunov N.V., Commercial Director Knyazevskaya I.V., heads and engineering manpower took part in it.

Inspection of BM-5 was begun from the area where erection of four tanks finished for OCC line. At this moment erection team improves the area, connects utilities, erectin of heat isolation of the tanks.

We congratulate with professional holiday!

Dear workers of forest industry, wood-working, pulp and paper industry! Dear veterans of the branch!  

We congratulate you with professional holiday –
With Day of the forest and wood processing industry!

During many years with their labour Surazh wood-growers support unique resource and ecological potential of Bryansk region.  A single factory in a town for board, paper production, and products on its base ZAO "Proletariy" brings big investment in social-economic development of the district.
We thank you sincerely for your difficult and noble labour, professionalism, skill, inexhaustible energy, responsibility to its activity. We wish all workers of the wood the health, stability and prosperity, optimism, self-belief and worthy, assured life. 

District Soviet of people’s deputy
Surazh district administration


Results of benefit event "Family to family"

It is finished fund-raising under the event of "Family to family", it was informed about earlier on our web-site.
Thiseventis organized for help of families with many children of mill’s workers in preparation in new school year.
Onthismoney 24 set ofofficegoodsand school goods were bought.  Separate help was given to family of exworker of ZAO "Proletariy" Kovalenko A.V., which died from irremediable disease.



Calendar of rebuild

According to rebuild of vacuum system BM-5, new two –slotted uhle box was assembled and started-up   on reverse press. Necessity of changing this unit is because of increasing the speed of all machine: old equipment did not provide necessary production.  It was concluded the contract with company “VKT” for delivery and installation this unit, according to this contract equipment is already delivered, installed on the place of old uhle box and started-up. At this moment the equipment works according to the temporary schedule, further it is planned the installation of new water separator and also other additional units. In order to reduce the time of shut-down which is planned October, 5 this work will be done during operation without shut-down of BM-5.

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Football club “Proletariy” is twelvefold football champion of Bryansk region
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